World Oral Health Day

Across the globe World Oral Health Day is celebrated every year to promote awareness about good oral health. In order to maintain good oral health world oral health day is one such special day celebrated globally so that people can take care of the health of mouth and teeth from children to adults.

Every year FDI World Dental Federation organises the day to raise awareness and run a year-long campaign about the issues of oral health and dental hygiene importance, so that health associations, public and governments altogether work to achieve healthier and happy lives.


FDI World Dental Federation first declared in 2007, World Oral Health Day is celebrated on 20th March every year, but officially celebrated in 2013 a year-long campaign for prevention of oral diseases and also raised awareness of oral health. A specific theme is featured since from 2013, a celebration of that particular day takes place.

Why World Oral Health Day is important!

World Oral Health Day offers the oral health community a platform to perform an action since 90% of the human population suffers from oral health-related issues. So, that it helps reduce the burden of overall disease and many can be avoided by wide range of health education, government agencies and support of social through funding for diagnosis, prevention and treatment programmes.

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World Oral Health Day 2019 theme

Each year has its own theme and is used as a platform to create awareness among people about maintaining oral hygiene and dental health. The theme of World Oral Health Day 2019 “Say Ahh: Act on Mouth Health”, is a campaign call for good oral health, a concrete action. The Ahh phrase is commonly used by doctors and dentist during a routine check-up. FDI with this campaign calls on every individual to protect oral health a tangible action. The World Oral Health Day campaign provides a platform by leveraging coordinated efforts on various aspects to raise awareness.

Around the globe millions of people suffering from the oral disease which demands action on an individual, family community level. FDI is targeting and confident about action to take a serious toll on individual overall health and well being by curbing the prevalence of oral disease and also to make oral health a highest individual priority among everyone.

Say Ahh: Act on Mouth Health individually encourages and motivates by taking specific action to take the change of their own oral health by protecting their well being.  This campaign also aims and will position for protecting oral health, a key stakeholder in educating patients are oral health professionals on wider implications. In order to address oral disease, helping them recognise early detection and treatment is very important for best outcome since preventive care is always the best option. Integration through their campaign is aimed at policy makers for better oral health to secure commitments through policies to address various oral disease and also associated health complications.

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Optimal oral health for all and commitment to ‘Act on Mouth Health’ World Oral Health Day supports stakeholders across the board to contribute together for results.

Ideas and activities to celebrate the World Oral Health Day

Emphasis on the importance of better oral health in our lives dentists, doctors and various other experts around the world are focusing to create awareness through spreading information about oral health among the public. In order to celebrate World Oral Health Day general public, dentists, doctors and students work with some ideas and activities.

Public seminars and workshops

College students organise public seminars about the importance of good oral health and also visit residential areas in their locality about the benefits of oral health education. Colleges or medical institutes can organise posters or banners about maintaining oral health, how to do it and showcase them in offices, public spaces, schools and colleges. Institutions can make content about the same topic and give prizes for best poster or banner.

Brushing techniques demonstrated

In order to demonstrate to children and families how to brush teeth and maintain oral health better by inviting staff from a local dental clinic.

Fun activities for kids

Fun activities like making clay stands for the toothbrushes, enacting a song, reciting tooth brushing songs, skits or drama of teeth to reveal the importance of brushing, etc. Schools could assemble students to educate them on the importance of brushing their teeth and maintaining good oral health.

Slogan and speech competitions

Schools and colleges may organise competitions through slogan and speech competition to spread the message of the importance of good oral health in a wide range.

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  • Dr. Rashmi B j is a Dental surgeon, practicing in Bangalore from past 9 years, passionate in writing health article of dentistry as well as self - help topics and currently rendering service as a practitioner.

Dr. Rashmi B j is a Dental surgeon, practicing in Bangalore from past 9 years, passionate in writing health article of dentistry as well as self - help topics and currently rendering service as a practitioner.

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