Women’s Day 2021 - Women in Leadership

International Women’s Day 2021 theme – “Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world”

Women’s Day is celebrated internationally on 8th of March each year. It is one of the most significant day of the year to:

  • celebrate success of women
  • promote awareness about women’s equality
  • fundraise for women charities


The theme for the year 2021 celebrates the incredible efforts done by women all across the globe in recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and making a more equal future.

Women stood at the front lines during COVID-19 pandemic, as health care workers, caregivers, visionaries, communal organizers or as the most powerful national leaders in fighting this pandemic.

Women leaders and women dedicated organizations have revealed their skillful behavior to effectively lead in COVID-19 pandemic. In today’s world, women have more recognition than ever before and have proved that women get different perspectives or contributions on to the stage.

Majority of the countries that have been more successful in curtailing the flow of COVID-19 pandemic were commanded by women. Female Government officials in Denmark, Finland, Germany, New Zealand and Iceland have been widely recognized for the decisiveness and effectiveness of their national response to COVID-19.


March4Women is a global movement for gender equality. It’s a celebration of the power and the potential of women across the world this on 8th March 2021. Women’s rights and gender equality are the main priorities these days.

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March4Women is for everyone!

This movement is getting together people of every gender, age, race, religion and country, to drive actions that will create the gender-equal world we all deserve.

The main motive of this Generation Equality campaign is to bring together people of every gender, age, race and religion.

Across the globe, we all have seen the real struggle for gender equality. Regardless of age, country or gender, the fight for equal rights has mutually demarcated our lives and we must act together to accomplish this goal. This International Women’s Day brings together past and present campaigners to appeal gender equality in this generation.


Women have an extensive history in the field of dentistry. India has a rich history of female dentists.

First few female dentists of India: Dr. Vimla Sood, Dr. Tabitha Solomon, Dr. Fatima Ali Jinnah

To learn about the first female dentists of other countries, please click here!

Dr Vimla Sood was the first Indian female dentist, graduated from DeMontmorency Dental College, Lahore in 1944. She gained her master’s degree in Paediatric dentistry from the University of Minnesota in 1955. Later on, she returned back to India and joined Dr Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital.

There are other few female dentists who have been pioneers and a source of inspiration. Among them, two are Fatima Ali Jinnah and Tabitha Solomon.

Fatima Ali Jinnah became a certified dentist in the year 1923 from Calcutta Dental College and Hospital. She worked independently in a clinical setting in Bombay until 1929 when she ended her clinical practice because of family issues.

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Dr Tabitha Solomon graduated in 1928 from Calcutta Dental College and started her very own clinic in Chittarnjan Seva Sadan Hospital.

When women first come into this profession, they faced many difficulties. Majority of the faculty in the dental organizations were male. It took a long time for women to have a consistent presence in dental schools. It was a long and arduous journey for women dentists, and you can live this journey here – https://staging.dentalreach.today/editorial/the-journey-of-women-in-dentistry/

All the health professions have pioneer women in their branches like Lucy Taylor Hobbs and Henriette Hirschfeld were in dentistry and Elizabeth Blackwell in medicine. Now a day’s almost 50% of dental students are women in majority of dental schools. By the year 2020, encompassed women pertinent in all dental practitioners in the country are nearly 20%.Granting all this, women are exceeding in number than men in nationwide colleges and this change is commendable.


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