Who Is the Boss in your Dental Practice?

Who Is the Boss in your Dental Practice?

What is your answer to this?

What will be the answer of your team members?

In our clinic, everyone knows the patient is the BOSS.

I am just an accountant who transfers each one their due!

With this thought in mind, the team will always try to serve their best to the patient.

Some simple mind-set paradigm shifts like these help you as a practice owner to make the functioning of a team seamless.

As a practice owner you wear different hats at different times.

  • Dentist
  • Manager
  • Technician
  • Accountant
  • Teacher
  • Mechanic
  • Social Media Manager
  • Relationship Manager
  • Data Analyst

For your team to work efficiently and in alignment with your vision, one needs to keep the mind-set of team members right.

Sharing these simple tips which have helped us and can be of use for you too.

Think of keeping your team –




When the practice owner wears a hat of the team leader, he/she can do the following to make a winning team:


Energy as a law flows from high to low.

So it is the duty of the leader to stay high spirited at all times because the energy of the leader is the energy of the team – just like an engine gives direction and pumps fuel to the train.

1. Motivate

Stay motivated yourself which will inspire your team.

2. Learn

Show them how to be a learner all through and it's fine to falter.

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Making mistakes is fine but make new ones each time!

Learn from old ones and try not to repeat.

3. Apologise

It needs courage to do so.

When you apologise it shows them it's fine to apologize.

Few of the ways adopted by us to energise:

  1. WhatsApp group of the team.
  2. Sharing inspiring videos in the local language.
  3. Team shares morning messages as this will activate their minds to look for something good and new each day.
  4. Start office mornings with a team prayer.
  5. Fridays are fixed for 20 minutes of meditation just before lunch break.

Feel free to share in the comment section below this article, if you are already following any of these or your own unique ways of energizing your teams.


Doesn't regular work everyday get monotonous even for us?

So what can be done to make it interesting?

Not everything requires money – intent is more important.

Some inexpensive ways to entertain:

  1. Colour: choose a colour on a certain day and everyone can come dressed in the same colour.
  2. Music playing Bollywood dancing music during cleaning can help to lift the mood.
  3. Team lunch food can never fail to create connections!
  4. Movies like Dangal and Hotel Mumbai can be watched in the clinic on dull days.
  5. Games organising team building games on special days.

So when things go dull think –

Entertainment! Entertainment! Entertainment!


Give the team 2 things for empowerment –

  1. Educate and make knowledge easy for them to assimilate. May it be in their language or written and video format.
  2. Involve them and take their opinion in making some decisions.
  3. Tools to make their work easy – for example a booklet of compiled FAQs by patients so that they can answer all the queries of patients as efficiently as the dentist.
  4. Scripts to answer on email, whatsapp or phone.
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I am sure you must be already following some of these tricks. Few others are just an addition. Take this article as a reminder to go back and do them again in a new way!

Don't forget to share which one you apply on social media and tag me!

Keep Shining!




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