The lockdown has brought along with it, a packet of surprises. We were all like cauldrons on a stove – tensed but brimming with talents unrealized – which effectively spilled over, spreading an effervescence of color. This color of talent is as contagious as the virus, affecting those who come in contact with it to try it out themselves! The blooming of one particular hue was the intention behind this particular issue of DentalReach. And I must say, it’s overtones has left us all impressed!

There’s no voice louder than that of a pen on paper. Utilizing this talent, our May issue is written by our readers!

Let me be honest – our team had a tough time selecting the best ones of the lot to be published this month from all the entries we received from you. We selected the ones with content relevant in today’s scenario or in tandem with evidence based sciences or both. Our editorial team worked hard to finish and polish them without disturbing the intention or views of the writers. Here’s the list of the articles & reader-writers of this month’s issues, with titles describing aptly what they wish to speak about –

  1. Virus More Deadly Than World War III – The Coronavirus! (Dr Yesh Sharma)
  2. Oral Medicine & Radiology – An Undervalued Speciality Of Dentistry (Dr. Aditya Jayan & Dr. Gaurav)
  3. JawPro – For A Better Dental Experience (Physiotherapist Dr Jordan Powell)
  4. The Novel Coronavirus Pandemic: Challenges & Coping Strategies For Dental Practitioners (Dr. Hindol Das)
  5. Antibacterial Composites With Loaded Chlorhexidine For Dental Procedures (Dr. Babusha Chauhan)
  6. DR Expert article by Dr. Bhavdeep Singh Ahuja – Practice & Financial Management For Dentists – Pandemic Special.
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This special issue is what you did for DentalReach this month. But what did DentalReach do for you?

  • DR Expert Webinars – We curated good speakers of repute, speaking on topics relevant in today’s scenario or in tandem with evidence based sciences or both. Every few days at a fixed time of 11 am IST, we tried to get you to learn live lessons and interact directly with the speaker – all on a safe digital platform meant specifically for webinars only. For those who missed the live sessions, we provided free replay links for 24 hours immediately after the session ended and for all DR members, we provided free take-aways summarizing the session at one glance!
  • DentalReach Digital Summit 2020 We collaborated with the enthusiastic Dental Divas and organized a never-done-before event –  a 10 day long, live, online woman-centric dental conference! Everything from registration, conference lectures, Q n A sessions and certification done digitally, in the comfort of your home with a single click! Immense gratitude to the Divas and our live attendees for making this event a huge success!
  • We are introducing DR 2-Minute Podcasts – wherein you can share a clinical tip or an interesting article abstract or a product review or an instrument experience or sound dental advice, even a non – dental talent. Brief, to the point, purely audio and under 2 minutes! The best part – it can be in any global language of your comfort! You can send in your entries to rockson@dentalreach.co. Please send in an English translation text along with the audio clip.
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Looking forward to reading – and listening – from you!

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Virus More Deadly Than World War III – The Coronavirus!

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