Vastu Tips for Dental Clinics

At every dental clinic, we are always trying to bring the most comfortable experience for our patients. What is your main aim while treating the patient? The main priority of the doctor as well as patient is speedy recovery from the illness.

Do you know that a proper Vastu can have an impact on the healing stage of any individual? Correct Vastu promotes a sense of calmness and is more peaceful. So here are a few tips from the Vastu experts to get in a more positive energy and ward off negative emotions from your patients:


  • The first floor is favorable for the clinic as per vastu.
  • The doctor should be facing the east or north-east direction while treating the patients. This helps the doctor focus better on the patient.
  • The walls of the clinic should be painted with pink, light green, or light blue shades. These will energize the patients and keep them calm.
  • Mop the floor with salt thrice a week. This will ward off negativity and is also recommended for maintaining hygiene at the clinic.
  • Always hang positive pictures on the wall like a smiling face. This will invite positive vibes.


  • Mirrors on the ceiling are absolutely not allowed as per vastu. This creates bad vastu and leads to instability in patients and doctors.
  • The waiting area for the patients should not be in the south-east as this is the fire direction, and it may cause stress and insecurity in patients. The favorable direction is north, east, or north-east.
  • Black, grey, and dark blue shades should be completely avoided in the clinic as they are major vastu defects.
  • Avoid keeping an aquarium in the clinic as it hampers the growth of a doctor.
  • Avoid keeping anything that has a strong odour.
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Visiting a dentist is not a comforting idea, and if the clinic is drab and dull, then the patient goes through a double amount of anxiety. Evidences dates back to centuries that correct Vastu is bound to draw in positive energy in the clinic.


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