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Triple bristle is a ground breaking discovery in terms of toothbrushes and is very unique compared to all other sonic toothbrushes available in the market. Also it is patented, so it is likely to rule the market alone in the near future as well.

This unique approach to brushing was developed by a dentist himself, Dr. Maxim Babiner. He was intrigued by the idea of three sided electric tooth brushes.

Every dentists recommends atleast 2 minutes of brushing for maintaining a good oral hygiene. But an average adult spends only 45 seconds on this task. Using a manual toothbrush, it is impossible to clean all the areas of mouth in such short time.


  • Perfect 45 degree angle of the bristle.
  • Bristles that clean the upper. Front and back surfaces of teeth all at once.
  • Sonic technology with greater than 30,000 vibrations per minute.
  • Softer sonic bristles which are kinder for braces, implants and veneers.
  • Built in 2 minutes timer.
  • Quadrant timer after 30 sec which guides in changing quadrant.

Triple bristle and braces:

The unique design of triple bristle is engineered in such a way that it adapts perfectly of teeth of any shape and size. Thus it adjusts well with the teeth that are having brackets on it and cleans around all the four corners of the bracket.

However during the first week of your braces or after tightening or receiving new liners, teeth and gums become extra sensitive. So it is advised to use manual toothbrush for the first week and then switch to electric toothbrush.

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Triple bristle and gumline:

Gumline is the most neglected area in terms of brushing.

Also, gumline is where plaque bacteria are formed and they flourish. After a few days of build up of these bacteria, they start producing irritants that seeps in and causes all sorts of gum diseases.

Most of the people don’t have that dexterity to clean that deep with manual or simple single headed sonic toothbrushes.

Triple bristle toothbrush perfectly engages the gumline and consistently cleans it to maintain long term oral health.

The micro bubble concept:

90% of the carious lesions are found between the teeth.

Compared to manual toothbrushes, sonic toothbrushes are far more effective in removing plaque from hard to reach areas.

The sonic vibrations create a dynamic fluid action producing micro bubbles. These micro bubbles penetrate deep between the teeth and removes 10 times more plaque from areas which is impossible to reach by traditional manual toothbrushes.

They also glide smoothly over the curves of the gumline to flush the area perfectly clean.

Triple bristle and dental implants

Optimal gingival health is a key factor for the success of dental implants. Regular professional cleaning is advised to every dental implant patient.

But more important is a consistent home care oral hygiene routine which should be maintained on a daily basis.

In order to prevent implant failure it is important to maintain the gums and periodontium in a healthy condition which is the main objective of triple bristle toothbrush.

Its soft sonic bristles are designed in such a way that they are perfect for cleaning in and around implants.

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