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What are the Career Options after BDS?

What are the possible pathways for Dental Students after BDS?

What after BDS? | Dentistry

Bear with me for the life lesson for doctors after this list…

You are done with your 5 years studying dentistry. What lies ahead? What are your options? and more importantly what are the options after BDS in India and abroad? We did a comprehensive study and found out some of the best options for Dentists in India who are looking for jobs and a breakthrough.

DR examines your career options post-BDS within India and abroad.

  1. Do an MBA and get into a healthcare consultancy/management role
  2. Do an MHA/PGDM and get into a hospital administration role
  3. Do an MPH and get into a healthcare policy/global health role
  4. Do a PhD in a specific subject and get into an academic/industry role
  5. Do a transition degree (like Post-doc or MHA) before doing a clinical PG
  6. Do no degree and get into working as an entry-level position in whatever company you wish to reach to the top in, and do an eMBA IF required while working
  7. Start a med-tech/med-service start up

General Dentist scope of BDS Course in India

Most graduates often work as a dental associate for few months under an experienced private practitioner or in a clinical set-up.  Most make it an inevitable choice after their graduation.

During this period, salary would be nil, nominal or non existent. BDS freshers must realise that if you undertake an observership or an internship in a good clinic, this helps you to see and learn live procedures as well as experience the day to day challenges of running a business which will be boon for your career.

You can start a clinic of your own after 2-3 years of clinical experience in this atmosphere; setting up your clinic with the help and support of your family members, business partners or spouse. Their presence in dentistry may guide you through the trials and tribulations of a private practitioner.

General Dentistry courses you can pursue – Options after BDS in India

  • Short Term/Long Term General Dentistry Courses
  • Rotary Endodontics Courses
  • Fellowship in General Dentistry (Saveetha University, Chennai)
  • Mini-Residency in General Dentistry (IDA ETC, Mumbai)

Staff in Dental College – Career Options after BDS in India

Another option is joining a reputed dental college as a tutor or a lecturer. BDS graduates can become lecturers, but the pay will not be enough to get by. Choose this option only if academics inspire you.

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To be a senior lecturer you have to be an MDS graduate. Salary for senior lecturer varies depending on the college management; this is a magnificient option with a good career path too.

The Traditional Option: Go for MDS After BDS

You have to undergo three years of Postgraduate Studies to be a specialist. Specialisation options are available in several branches with booming career prospects.

It is recommended to go for clinical subjects like Endodontics, Orthodontics, Oral Surgery, Prosthodontics or Periodontics.

Non-clinical MDS subjects have less scope and prospects; they may impress your relatives and family members, but not your potential employers.

A career in Teaching- Become a Lecturer:

After earning a BDS, one of the most typical career paths is to teach in a dental school. You will also learn and prepare for PG or NEET examinations by doing so. This time and pay might also be used to start your own dental practise. You can pursue MDS to become a senior lecturer and expect exponential career growth in teaching following MDS. For a BDS graduate, this is also one of the top employment alternatives.

Jobs in the Defence Sector

BDS graduates can also choose Indian Armed Forces – Army, Navy or Air Force; Dental Corps and Short Service Commissioned Officers. A life of various perks and privileges, accompanied with a good salary and the pride of donning the military uniform awaits the ones keenly interested.

International Degrees

Looking for something bigger than MDS?

Degrees from international universities are well accepted in India. If budget isn’t a constraint, you can enroll for any of the following programs.

Here is list of Top Dentistry Schools


  • MSc in Aesthetic/Restorative/Cosmetic Dentistry | Link1 | Link2
  • MClinDent Prosthodontics/Endodontics | Link1 | Link2 | Link3
  • MClinDent Oral Surgery/Endodontics/Implantology, BPP University, UK
  • MSc in Endodontics
  • MSc in Laser Dentistry, University of Vienna | Link
  • MSc in Implantology, Goethe University, Germany | Link
  • MSc in Laser Dentistry, University of Genoa | Link
  • Fellowship in Implantology, Royal College of Surgeons, UK | Link
  • International Fellowship in Aesthetic Dentistry, New York University | Link
  • Mastership in Implantology/Laser Dentistry | Link
  • MSc in Clinical Dentistry, University of Birmingham/Manchester | Link
  • MPH – Master of Public Health, UK/Canada Universities | Link

Indian Fellowships/Masterships – Scope of BDS Course in India

Nowadays, several Indian Universities/Dental Organizations are conducting Fellowships/Masterships regularly in India. Some of the most popular ones are:

Fellowship In Implantology

  • Mastership in Implantology (DACE) | Link
  • Fellowship in Aesthetic Dentistry (RGUHS University) | Link
  • Fellowship in Rotary Endodontics, DY Patil University | Link
  • Fellowship in Facial Esthetics, Aesthetic Institute of India | Link
  • Mastership in Facial Esthetics, Celebrity Dentistry India | Link
  • Fellowship in Smile Designing | Link

Post Graduate Diploma

PG Diploma in Endodontics/Orthodontics, RGUHS University, Karnataka; MUHS, Maharashtra.

Duration: 2 Years

Hospital Management

Masters in Hospital Administration is the latest demanding trend among dentists. These degrees can help you get into the hospital management arena.

Degrees you can opt for

  • MBA in Hospital Administration
  • MBA in Healthcare Management
  • Masters in Public Health ( MPH )
  • Salaries are excellent
  • Profits for entering management sector
  • Maximum non-clinical jobs for non conventional dentistry practitioners
  • End of clinical practice life
  • Administrative jobs are new for dentists
  • Hectic work schedule
  • No job security
  • Employment depends on your flexibility and skillets

Opportunities Abroad

After 2-3 years of gaining experience as a General Dentist, one can apply abroad. It is mandatory for candidates to fulfil the eligibility criteria and clear respective country’s Dental Board or Ministry of Health examinations of the concerned state before one gets the license to practice as a dentist.

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Countries you can opt for

  • In the United States, a dentist must first pass the NBDE Part 1 and 2 exams. After passing, he or she must enrol in a dental school and receive a DDS, which is a recognised dental degree in the United States.
  • A foreign dental degree is not readily transferable to New Zealand. To register with the Dental Council of New Zealand, one must pass a qualifying exam called the New Zealand Dentist Registration Exam (NZDREX).
  • Canada: To be eligible to practise dentistry in Canada, a foreign dentist must complete a sequence of steps/exams and pass them in order to become legally certified as a dentist.
  • Australia: To work as a licenced dentist in Australia, you must go through an evaluation process that formally evaluates and reviews your qualifications, dental topic knowledge, and clinical experience in dentistry. The Australian Dental Council (ADC) conducts this evaluation in three steps. To qualify, you must complete all three phases. Only after passing the ADC may you apply for a DBA dental licence (Dental Board of Australia). Your application for dentist licence registration will be reviewed and a final decision will be made by the DBA.
  • Singapore: You must have a dental degree recognised by the Singapore Dental Council in order to practise dentistry in Singapore.
  • UAE: To work in Dubai, you’ll need a DOH licence from the Dubai Health Authority, which is part of the UAE’s Ministry of Health. If you have finished a BDS programme with a one-year internship at a teaching hospital, you can sit for the Dental GP test. If you have not interned, you must complete two years of practise in a non-teaching hospital.

A career in Gulf Countries

After BDS, this is a fantastic job opportunity because it is simple and affordable to travel to any Gulf country. A BDS’s remuneration will be between Rs. 80,000 and Rs. 1.5 lakh. The candidate must pass the MOH (Ministry of Health) exam, which is not particularly tough. This will allow you to work in the government sectors of Gulf countries. We have the option of making a good living there and then returning to your location to start a wonderful dental business.

Government Job as a Dentist after BDS

The federal and state governments have a few openings for dentists in various areas, with the possibility of a temporary rural posting followed by a permanent position, depending on the departments. A government employment is a safe bet, and it comes with a slew of benefits such as insurance and pension plans.

List of some government dental jobs:

  • Government Service/Hospital/Primary Health Centre
  • Army Dental Corps
  • Territorial Officer in the Indian Army
  • Joining Indian Railways as Dentist
  • Joining Indian Navy and Air Force as Contractual Dental Officer
  • As Teaching Faculty in State and Central Government Colleges
  • Research and Advisory Departments under Central Govt.
  • Applying for Jobs in Central Government Institutes like AIIMS, Forensic Department and Agricultural Sector
  • UPSC Exam with a Chance to Join Civil Services (IAS, IPS, IFS, IRS)
  • Govt. Job Opportunities in Industries Manufacturing Oral Care Products

Dental Blogging after BDS:

After BDS, this is one of the best job alternatives. You may teach, learn, and earn at the same time. You can start a blog for dentists and dentistry students where you can post well-researched articles, videos, and news. This way, Google, sponsors, affiliates, and others can pay you.

Clinical Research:

In Asia, India has the second-largest pharmaceutical market. As a result, pharmaceutical businesses outsource a wide spectrum of pharmaceutical research services, making it a lucrative vocation.

Principal Investigator, Co-investigator, Medical Advisor, Drug Developer, Regulatory Affairs Manager, or even a Clinical Research Physician are all options for a BDS graduate in this field.

A career in Dental Cosmetology:

People in today’s environment are growing increasingly aware of their appearance. They are not averse to spending a significant amount of money to make themselves look nice.

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As a result, clinical cosmetologists are in higher demand. The cosmetology course will assist you in getting vast knowledge and expertise in cosmetology treatments, allowing you to become specialists in the field.

Other Options

  • Dental and Healthcare youtuber/blogger/podcast/influencer.
  • Call centers and Insurance in the Health Sector.
  • Nanotechnology and R&D in medical instrumentation.

How to become an Influencer in a micro-niche market?

Do you have dreams of becoming an influencer but lack the millions of social media followers to make it happen? Well, you are in luck. Micro-influencers are on the rise, and they are taking over influencer marketing. According to Shopify, 47.3% of marketers preferred micro-influencers in 2021. By 2022 that number is expected to increase by at least 50%.

So, how do you become a micro-influencer in 2022, and why is this profession becoming so popular?

  1. Find Your Niche eg. Microdentistry
  2. Share Content Targeted In Your Niche eg. dental loupes, microscopes etc
  3. Find Brands That Are Also Targeting Your Niche eg. Carl Zeiss
  4. Tag And Create Targeted Content For Brands eg. Which the best affordable/value for money dental loupes/microscopes

Professional Organizations for Dentists in India

In addition to exploring different career paths in dentistry, joining a professional organization can be a valuable way for dentists in India to stay informed, connected, and engaged with their peers in the field. This article provides a comprehensive list of dental associations and organizations, both national and international, that can provide valuable resources, networking opportunities, and support for dentists in India. From the Indian Dental Association to the International Association for Dental Research, these organizations offer a diverse array of benefits for dentists at every stage of their careers. So, whether you’re a student, a new dentist, or an experienced practitioner, be sure to explore these organizations to see which ones align with your interests and goals.


After BDS, a student has a wide range of employment opportunities to choose from. Furthermore, becoming a dentist is one of the most prestigious experiences one can have. It is entirely dependent on one’s personal preferences and priorities. As a result, before making a decision about the future, one should carefully consider all options.

But wait.

We must all recognise that ‘Dentistry‘ is one of the largest, single-standing INDUSTRIES, and it has for far too long been dominated by persons with little to no medical or clinical competence.

While working 12-hour shifts, you may grumble about the “system.” But what are you doing to make a difference?

To reform any system, you must first become a member of it and commit to not give up on this ostensibly “broken” system. (Another day, I’ll explain why I don’t believe the healthcare system isn’t flawed.)


What is the best way to specialize in implant dentistry in India?

A: A one-year fellowship program in implant dentistry is an excellent way to specialize in implant dentistry in India. Many dental schools and academies across India offer these programs.

Are there any aesthetic dentistry courses available in India?

A: Yes, several dental schools and academies offer aesthetic dentistry courses in India. These courses can help you develop skills in cosmetic dental procedures and improve your patient outcomes.

What is an aesthetic dentistry fellowship, and how can I get it?

A: An aesthetic dentistry fellowship is a postgraduate program that trains dentists to perform cosmetic dental procedures. To get this fellowship, you must complete a recognized postgraduate program in aesthetic dentistry.

What are some alternative career options for dentists in India?

A: Some alternative career options for dentists in India include becoming a dental consultant, dental journalist, dental marketing professional, or dental product sales representative.

Can I practice dentistry in the UK after completing my BDS in India?

A: Yes, you can practice dentistry in the UK after completing your BDS in India. However, you must complete additional exams and meet other requirements set by the UK General Dental Council.

What are some of the best fellowship programs in India for dentists?

A: Some of the best fellowship programs in India for dentists include fellowship programs in implant dentistry, aesthetic dentistry, endodontics, periodontics, and oral and maxillofacial surgery.

What are some career options available for dentists after completing their BDS?

A: Dentists can pursue several career options after completing their BDS, including starting their dental practice, working in a dental hospital, becoming a dental consultant, or pursuing postgraduate studies.

Can I join the army after completing my BDS?

A: Yes, you can join the army after completing your BDS. The Indian Army provides opportunities for dental officers to serve and practice dentistry while serving their country.

What are some popular courses available after BDS in India?

A: Some popular courses available after BDS in India include postgraduate courses in prosthodontics, endodontics, periodontics, oral and maxillofacial surgery, and public health dentistry.

What are some of the best dental academies in India?

A: Chat with us or email us for more detials.



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