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Being a dentist, I always imagined myself marrying fellow professional. Somehow that was always my first criteria whenever it was discussed with my parents and family. Life however, had other plans for me. So now I think of it from a different perspective. My husband is very lucky to have married me! Very very lucky! All the more reason for me to write an article on dentists making excellent spouses. I’m sure there are many benefits of marrying a dentist but these are the ones that immediately came to mind.

1. Knowledge of Health Sciences

They learn Basic Health Science topics and Pharmacology in Dental School. Hence, apart from dental knowledge they have basic knowledge of the human body and quite good knowledge of tablets, medicines, supplements. Health related advice is obtainable free of cost at any time of the day. Even midnight! Minor health problems can be diagnosed and treated by them easily. Plus, your health-related queries can be solved in seconds.

2. Artistic Ability

Being a dentist makes them creative and artistic. Don’t be surprised to find your spouse single-handedly completing your kid’s Art Class assignments and models for Science Exhibitions. Their list of artistic adventures might even include re-decorating your home! Now that’s a lot of money saved on hiring an interior designer.

3. Patience and high on perseverance

Since they deal with all sorts of patients from all walks of life every day, they tend to become patient and kind with experience. The profession also brings out the best of their caring nature out. A caring and nurturing spouse in times of ill health makes recouping much sooner than usual.

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4. Decent Income

Well, we can jabber as much as we want about money not being able to buy happiness. Blah blah… but come on! Money is important for survival, and dentists make decent money. There is never a long recession period in the health care industry.

5. They are smart

It isn’t easy passing out of Dental School. Their Dental Degree is not only a proof of their intelligence but also their tremendous hard work. Hardworking + Smart is a deadly awesome combination in a spouse. Don’t you think?

6. Free dental treatment

Walk away with a brand-new sparkling smile any time you wish! Mind you, dental procedures are really expensive! Free dental treatment throughout your life is a huge bonus. Trust me.

7. Good PR skills

Making patients aware about their oral health isn’t a child’s play. Soft skills are a necessary part of promoting dental health and treatment procedures. Their good PR skills makes them the most lovable person in the group and the highlight of any party.

8. Commitment

Dental school teaches them to be committed. This makes them very much committed to their long-term goals. You can be rest assured that all your combined goals will be achieved.

9. Time for socializing

As there are no emergencies in Dentistry, they have fixed working hours making them available for family time!

10. Loyalty & Trust

Some of the other qualities that dentists are known to possess include being trustworthy and loyal. It comes naturally to them. They are bound to be yours for life!

These are some of the perks of marrying a dentist. So those of you with dentist spouses, it is all set! Don’t forget to thank your lucky stars..

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