Tim Cook's reply after Apple Watch saves Haryana dentist's life

Because of its health-tracking capabilities, the Apple Watch is extremely popular. There are several testimonies on the internet claiming that Apple's smartwatch has saved the lives of countless people by alerting them to a life-threatening situation. In yet another occasion, an Apple Watch saved the life of a dentist from Haryana.

Nitesh Chopra is a dentist in the Yamuna Nagar area of Haryana. Last year, he gave his wife an Apple Watch Series 6 as a gift. Chopra's wife, on the other hand, advised using the Apple Watch to perform an ECG test while he was lately experiencing chest problems. After seeing anomalies in an ECG test done on the Apple Watch, the couple rushed to the hospital to have it investigated, where physicians discovered that Chopra's arteries were 99.9% blocked.

Chopra spent a few days in the hospital after physicians implanted a stent in his heart during a minor procedure. Chopra's wife, Neha, that Chopra's Apple Watch had been indicating for some time that he had arrhythmia. The couple ignored the warning indications, assuming that as a young guy in his 30s, he would not be prone to such a heart problem.

According to the report, the doctor's wife was so grateful that she decided to send an email to Apple CEO Tim Cook thanking him for producing a technology that saved her husband's life. "Thanks to the technology you gave, we were able to get to the hospital, and he is now fine and healthy." "I wish you much love and happiness, and I thank you for giving my husband life," Neha said to Cook in an email.

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Neha also received a reaction from Apple CEO Tim Cook, who thanked her for sharing her storey with him. "I'm delighted you sought medical help and received the care you required. Thank you for taking the time to tell us about your experience. Take care of yourself. "Best, Tim," Cook wrote to Neha in an email.

Source: News18


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