The Way to a Man’s Heart is Through his “Mouth”?

Yes, that’s right!!

We have heard since decades, that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. If applied to the dental scenario, there is nothing wrong if we claim that the way towards the heart is actually way ahead of the tummy; it’s through the oral cavity!!

We all know right from our graduation that there is a strong connection between the 700+ varied species inhabitants (oral microbes) and our key system – which is cardiovascular system – but we still try to underplay its significance…

In fact, all reputed journals are flooded with researches claiming this association since the 1990’s. Even in today’s era we have witnessed research published in scientific communications Nature in the year 2018, which has observed an increased risk of total, non-fatal and fatal myocardial infarction events among individuals with fewer teeth, high levels of dental plaque and a borderline significant increased risk among individuals with oral lesions. In addition, Howell et al. suggested that a clinically significant association would be a 50% of increased risk of cardiovascular diseases in those with poor oral health.

So let us take a glimpse at how these invisible beings create that havoc inside our body-

Oral biofilm is like Mr. India ….

Even if you don't have noticeable gum inflammation, inadequate oral hygiene and accumulated plaque, (also known as biofilm), puts you at risk for gum disease.

Care for your patients by all your “heart”-

Dentists thereby play a role more than a “tooth fixer” – we are “oral physicians”!

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Picking up the right tooth care and gum care product for patient’s overall health is an obligation as toothpastes are just not lotions but are cleaners and healers.

For example, specialised products like Omnident have an astringent, haemostatic formula with fluoride, which keeps invisible germ attack on teeth and gums under control. The fluoride strengthens teeth and fights against dental cavities, and the zinc sulphate and alum reduces gum bleeding. The triclosan in Omnident gel prevents the formation of biofilms. Hence, it protects not just gums and teeth, but indirectly also keeps the “viscera” healthy!

Cardiac diseases being one of the most prevalent challenges, let us as dentists prescribe what is best for the “cardiac health”!


Scientific Reports Nature| (2018) 8:11479


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