We live in a multidimensional spectrum of science, where nothing is completely black or white – ironically these two aren’t even considered as colors in physics! Dentistry is a like a faceted tiny diamond, which shows its various shades only if you turn it around and explore it. This month’s issue will show you the various types of dentistry – some you are unaware of and so don’t practice, while some you practice but are unaware that you do! Confused?

Here’s a look at the very, many faces of dentistry!

Local drug delivery in treating periodontal pocket is not new, but with an invention of a new patented technique called ‘antibiotic rods’, sustained drug release is possible up to 42 days , much higher over the usual 10-21 days. These rods are small hence easy to insert; biodegradable hence retrieval post treatment is not needed. Patented by institutes in Germany and Switzerland, they are expected to stir up quite a storm in the pharma business.

The oral cavity is the window to the entire body. For dental diseases, is it then justified to concentrate on the mouth only? Holistic Dentistry introduces an ‘umbrella concept’ – an active approach where patient’s entire body is the center of focus and not just the oral cavity. It is basically the incorporation of hypnosis, homeopathy, aromatherapy, nutrition and natural remedies in clinical dentistry.

Polyetheretherketone commonly known as PEEK is a tooth coloured synthetic biomaterial gaining momentum in dentistry today.  The mechanical and physical properties of PEEK is similar to bone and dentin, therefore PEEK can be used in dentistry for a number of applications including dental implants and CAD-CAM fixed and removable prosthesis.

Neocis Inc., a leader and pioneer in the field of dental robotics announced in early January 2020 that dental robotics is now a reality. The first and only robot system in dentistry is Yomi®, partly developed by Neocis. Yomi has helped place more than 1,000 implants globally in 2019!

As a healthcare professional, communication remains a very important aspect in managing your patients. Half of the patient’s pain can be relieved not by local anesthesia but by VOCAL anaesthesia! Learn the art of calming down patients through words and see the difference it makes in your practice.

Quantum dentistry is a new industry in dental practice that is just starting to develop. The task of this science is to explain the mechanism of the development of oral diseases and achieve complete cure in the future.

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Lasers and light emitting diodes currently form a well researched part of quantum dentistry and if you use these, you are already half a quantum dentist!

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