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Every profession has a certain group of people who contribute immensely towards the growth and enrichment of their field. Dentistry isn’t different. There are a lot of Dental Professionals who inspire all of us or we can call them Dental Influencers.

Dental Influencers from India

In our professional field, these representatives of dentistry have given their best and are not only the pioneers of different advanced methodologies but ace entrepreneurs and well-experienced practioners as well. They have set a benchmark and are existing role models of profession unanimously. Let us go through their work and understand their key to success.

1. Dr. S.M Balaji M.D.S Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Dental Influencers

Dr. S.M Balaji M.D.S Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Dr. Balaji is an oro-maxillofacial surgeon from Chennai. He has an expert hand in repair of cleft palate, rhinoplasty, ear reconstruction, jaw reconstruction, facial asymmetry correction, dental implantology, maxillofacial and craniofacial surgeries.

He regularly conducts in South India, North America, china, Russia and Maldives.

A recipient of the prestigious Dr.R Ahmed oration award and B.C Roy award from President of India , Dr. Balaji also became the first and only Indian to receive the honour of Prof. David Precious Scientific Award at 2018 Liepzig in 12th International Cleft Lip and Palate Conference for his research on guided bone regeneration as a treatment modality in cleft palate.

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2. Dr. Sandesh Mayekar M.D.S Oral Pathology Dental Influencers

Dr. Sandesh Mayekar M.D.S Oral Pathology

Dr. Sandesh Mayekar, also known as father of aesthetic dentistry in India, is a phenomenal teacher who selflessly shares his years of aesthetic dentistry experience to his fellow dentists and juniors.

A Masters in Oral Pathology and a post graduate in TMD and Orofacial pain from Tufts University, USA Dr. Sandesh Mayekar has taught lot of new concepts to budding and established dentists. Dr. Mayekar is pioneer of India`s first dental esthetic finishing school ENCODE.

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He maintains a multidisciplinary private practice in craniofacial aesthetics and is a well-established private practitioner in Mumbai. His list of patients include a lot of famous Bollywood celebrities .

He is the first and only Indian to be elected as president of Asian Academy of Aesthetic dentistry. He is also the founding president of Academy of Craniofacial Esthetics and Academy of General Dentistry in India. Dr. Sandesh Mayekar has also written a book named ‘More than a Mouthful-Adventures of a dentist’ which is foreworded by Lata Mangeshkar and praised by Rajashree Birla.

Currently Dr. Mayekar is an established member of Dental Council of India and Indian Dental Association and by extension a role model for many budding dentists of various specialisation.

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3. Dr. Anuradha Navaneetham M.D.S Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Dental Influencers

Dr. Anuradha Navaneetham M.D.S Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Dr. Anuradha Navaneetham, an Oral Maxillo Facial surgeon based in Bangalore, not only has achieved heights at a young age but also encouraged girls to establish milestones in dentistry.

With a successful practise with a record of more than 10000 craniofacial and trauma management cases, she currently heads the department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at M.R Ambedkar Dental College and Hospital and trains students in implant dentistry and management of craniofacial fractures, head and neck cancers and traumatic dental surgeries.

She made it to the headlines of newspapers as an expert dentist who can identify and treat rare cases of Eagle`s syndrome. She is also an international speaker for Nobel Biocare with being an expert in all on four full mouth rehabilitation technique of Implants.

Her publications include specialisation in trauma and condyle surgery, and is currently a consultant for Hosmat hospital and Sita Bhatija hospital. With this she has also started with an academy named AR Academy Training, more than 100 students about aesthetic and restorative dentistry.

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4. Dr. Mahesh Verma M.D.S Prosthodontics Dental Influencers

Dr. Mahesh Verma M.D.S Prosthodontics

Dr. Mahesh Verma, the principal of Maulana Azad College of Dental sciences, is a noted dentist. He is the only dentist in the recent decade to be awarded with India`s fourth highest civillian honour Padma Shri.

A Prosthodontist by profession, Dr. Verma is an evergreen dentist in learning who has secured fellowship in several organisations such as American college of Dentists, the International College of Dentists, Pierre Fauchard Academy, American Academy of Implant Dentistry, the National Academy of medical Sciences, Royal College of England and many others.

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He is the honorary advisor to the Armed Forces, actively involved in WHO, and participates heavily in researches at CSIR, ICMR and IIT with government fundings. He certainly is a remarkable bench mark for a lot of dentists working with him.

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5. Dr. Burzain Khan M.D.S Prosthodontics Dental Influencers

Dr. Burzain Khan M.D.S Prosthodontics

With over 20 years of clinical practise in Mumbai, Dr. Burzin Khan, specialised in comestic implant restoration and smile designing, is also an inspiring role model for dentist not only in India but also in UAE, Bahrain and Kuwait.. He is a diplomate of ‘the International Congress of Oral Implantologists and a founder member a former president of of Indian Academy of Osseointegration.

He is our country opinion leader for Bredent Medical GMBH, Germany and a faculty member for smile care centre established for continued dental education. He is the only Indian to be certified by as IFZI trainer appointed by DR. Manfred Lang in India. Dr. Burzin has an impressive technique of advance dentistry and serves as a fantastic mentor for several students.

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6. Dr. Ashith Acharya M.D.S Oral Pathology, G.D.F.O Forensic Odontology Dental Influencers

Dr. Ashith Acharya M.D.S Oral Pathology, G.D.F.O Forensic Odontology.

Dr. Ashith Acharya, heads India`s first exclusive department of forensic odontology at S.D.M College of Dental Sciences, Dharwad. He is an exclusive dentist who holds the degree of G.D.F.O of forensic odontology from Australia. He is currently a guide to undergraduates and post graduate research and also serves as a consultant to Police.

He is a founder member of Indian Association of Forensic Odontology and is currently serving as secretary to the association. He has also served as member for International Organisation for Forensic Odontostromatology`s age estimation workgroup and bite mark workgroup.

He has 33 international publications and is a keen researcher with a total of 48 publications. Being India`s first qualified and recognised forensic Dentist, Dr. Ashith B. Acharya is credited with a key role player in determining evidences for the infamous Nirbhaya`s rape and murder case. Today Dr. Acharya is a top influencer and main role model for many forensic odontologists.

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7. Dr. Raison Thomas M.D.S Periodontics Dental Influencers

Dr. Raison Thomas M.D.S Periodontics

Dr. Raison Thomas, a masters in the subject of periodontics is not only an excellent and established dentist in his field but also director of CEDEES, Centre for Excellence in Dental Entrance Examinations. He is credited with a title of “ A Man with full of knowledge and inspiration” He trains almost 10000 students all over India for dental entrance examinations with 14 centres throughout the country.

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Dr. Raison is an expert teacher and role model for several dentists and students. He is working as an established professor and mentor at Bapuji Dental College and hospital , Davangere.

With his students established in reputed institutions all over the country, Dr Raison Thomas maintains his low profile and down to earth nature giving the best morale to his students. In the AIIMS examination of 2018, the top 10 rankers were his students. A man of determination, who has not only influenced students but has been showing them the path of excellence and transforming many lives since 2006.

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8. Dr. Anil Kohli M.D.S Endodontics Dental Influencers

Dr. Anil Kohli  M.D.S Endodontics

Dr. Kohli is also a recipient of India`s civilian awards, both Padma Shri and Padma Bhushan in the respective years of 1992 and 2005. He holds an honorary rank of brigadier in Army Dental Corps. He is an ex Dean of Dentistry at the Baba Farid University of Health Sciences, the health university of state of Punjab and an adjunct professor at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine.

He is a fellow of the Pierre Fauchard Academy, a master fellow of the International College of Dentists and a a Diplomate at the International Congress of Oral Implantologists.

He has also received the fellowship of the Faculty of Dental Surgery of the Royal College of Surgeons of England.He is associated with Dental Council of India and currently keeps inspiring dentists all over India through his various text book contributions in operative dentistry and endodontics.

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9. Dr. Sabita Ram, M.D.S Prosthodontics Dental Influencers

Dr. Sabita  Ram, M.D.S Prosthodontics

Dr. Sabita Ram, Dean, Professor and Head of the Department of Prosthodontics, is an eminent teacher for 30 years at Mahatma Gandhi Missions Dental college and Hospital, Navi Mumbai. She is the national chairperson for Women`s Wing of Indian Dental Association. In 2018, she received the felicitation award by FAMDENT and was conferred with the title “Legend of dentistry”.

Her specialisation with prosthodontic surgery remains her topic even today and she continues her research in prosthodontic correction of cleft lip and palate. A prosthodontic guide for almost 23 years, Dr. Sabita is also associated with prestigious colleges like PGI Chandigarh and Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi.

10. Dr. Praveen Rajesh, M.D.S Endodontics and Conservative Dentistry Dental Influencers

Dr. Praveen Rajesh, M.D.S Endodontics and Conservative Dentistry

Dr. Praveen Rajesh is a young dentist currently working as a faculty of Endodontics at Indira Gandhi Dental College and Hospital.

He became a young recipient of FAMDENT Award of Endodontist of the year 2018. He is a well knowledgeable tutor, who not only motivates his students but also teaches them to incorporate a new way of learning the art of dentistry.

A guide to many, Dr. Praveen keeps himself committed to continous learning and looks forward too hold a place within the rank list of eminent dentists in India and worldwide.


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