The Scientific Festival at DRDCA 2020!

Editorial for November 2020 – DRDCA2020 Speaker Special Issue 2

I welcome you all to the biggest scientific fiesta of all time – the DRDCA 2020 International! This month, the world is witnessing a one of a kind event – a 30 – day long digital dental conference with scientific sessions, fun contests and digital awards! As Scientific Chairperson, I’ll be glad to give you an overview of the scientific sessions of this conference happening right now, spanning over the entire month of November 2020.

This 1 month-long event is witnessing a wide range of knowledge sessions on all Thursdays and weekends i.e. Saturdays and Sundays of November. For the rest of the month, contests are being conducted. Sessions are divided into morning and evening sessions. For weekends, morning sessions are conducted from 11 am – 1 pm IST and evening sessions, from 4 PM to 6 PM IST. All Thursday sessions are evening sessions only i.e. 5 pm IST onwards.

Since it is a purely digital conference, you can watch all lectures in the comfort of your home, wherever you are! There are no fees or hidden costs for attending any of these lectures. One big advantage is that all the scientific sessions are approved by Karnataka State Dental Council ie KSDC and IDA Bangalore, and so you will get CDE points for each session. By attending this one single conference, you may get upto 40 CDE points, all at no cost! Your e certificate will be emailed to you with your CDE points within 2 weeks after the conference ends.

The scientific sessions all have a global flavor, since we have curated close to 40 speakers from all around the world for you, who are experts in their field, presenting the latest in dentistry. DRDCA 2020 speakers are all highly coveted speakers from India, UK, USA, Australia, Japan, Egypt, Argentina, Poland, Uruguay, Cambodia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, and Saudi Arabia. They are speaking on a variety of clinical and futuristic topics, covering the entire umbrella of dentistry.

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A few prominent mentions would be Dr Sigal Jacobson from Melbourne Australia discussing the UVeneer system; Dr Davis Thomas from USA, a TMD, OFP and sleep medicine specialist speaking on orofacial pain; Prof Dr Ahmed Madarati, from UK & Saudi Arabia and Dr. Ashraf Refai from Egypt who are a part of our Endo Day special, an entire day dedicated to Endo lovers; Dr RL Halili Castillo, esthetic dentist from Australia; our laser special sessions by Dr Carolina Benitiz, laser dentist from Uruguay and Dr Chandrashekhar Yavagal laser dentist from India; Dr Alejandro Steinman, a prosthodontist and laser dentist from Argentina, who is a part of our exclusive immediate implant special along with Dr T V Narayan from India.

We are honored to organize a 2- day webinar program of SEMCD (suction effective mandibular denture) with BPS by renowned inventor and speaker Dr Jiro Abe of Japan along with Dr Yamazaki Fumiaki.

We are also having some exclusive special sessions like –

>>>>>>> A few special honorable mentions would be our speakers, Dr Gargi Roy Goswami, Dr Rajesh Ravendranathan, Dr Dharam Hinduja, Dr Prashant Bhasin, Dr PC Jacob, Dr Sunil Rao, Dr Niharika Jain, Dr Surabhi Mahidhar, Dr Prem Kariyappa, Dr Ashutosh Singh, Dr Hrishikesh Bhowmick, Dr Sonal Yerpude from India, Dr Sundar Jagadeesan from New Zealand and Dr Wael Sadek from Egypt. All these speakers are experts in their field, and they have all have chosen topics of their expertise to speak at this conference.

On behalf of the entire DRDCA team, I am extremely thankful to all speakers for taking time out of their very busy schedules for this conference. we are glad that you chose the DRDCA 2020 platform for sharing your knowledge!

To know more about these speakers, you can get all their details on the DRDCA Eventee App. Using the App, you can select the lecture you want to attend beforehand, and get notifications and reminders for the same, depending on your time zone. For DRDCA 2020 participation/certification, it is compulsory to register & install the DRDCA App. The registration is super easy, fast and at absolutely no charges!

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All you have to do is –

Click – Download- Sign up -Search for DRDCA- Enter event! Registration complete!

You can also read articles written by our Speakers in our ‘DRDCA Speaker Special Issues’, which we published this month and last month in October. Click on the speaker names above to be redirected to articles written by them on DentalReach.

Do note that each and every session will be live, (there are no recorded lectures) and all will be concluded with a Live Q n A session where delegates get an opportunity to ask questions and get their doubts solved directly with the speakers. My friend, Dr Pallavi Mahajan, an endodontist and open mic performer will be your host for all scientific sessions.

So I hope all of you are excited and thrilled for this scientific festival! I will be available on the app for any of your queries. So sit back, learn, unlearn and re learn with the DRDCA 2020!

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Suction Effective Mandibular Complete Denture (SEM-CD) – An Overview

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