The Queen tells children she had braces 'a very long time ago' too.

On Wednesday, 19 february 2020, The Queen inaugurated the new premises of the Royal National ENT and Eastman Dental Hospitals.

The hospitals are undertaking groundbreaking research and developing new ways to treat rare and complex dental, ear, nose, throat, hearing and balance conditions.

The Dental and ENT staff met the queen and showcased various units in the hospital while the queen interacted with various patients who benefitted from hospital’s care.

While on the dental speciality floor, Kerry Tilbury, one of the teaching nurses, showed the dental model with wire braces fitted. Seeing them the Queen revealed that she also had braces, a long time ago.

Among the young patients who got a chance to meet the royal was 10 year old Ilia Aristovich.

“And what are you having done?” the Queen asked him. Smiling and baring his teeth, Aristovich told her: ” I am having braces.” to which the Queen replied. ” I think it is worth it, in the end.”

On the pediatric floor, the Queen saw children and thier families taking part in creative health play sessions and learned how the children are put at ease during thier visits.

Queen Elizabeth is not the only royal who has worn braces with many of her grandchildren having sported them during thier teenage years, including Prince Harry who showed off his wires during the family’s annual Christmas Day church outing in 1999.

Royal sisters Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie also wore braces during their adolescence while Prince William has previously been spotted wearing a metal retaimer behind his mandibular teeth.

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