The earth completes a rotation and the world celebrates! What is it about a new year that is so fascinating? Even the most grumpy, sulky and asocial person responds to a new year wish, positively. Why is that? A normally occurring scientific phenomenon is lauded globally only because academically, professionally, financially and emotionally –  it signifies a new beginning. A reason to correct mistakes, an excuse to appreciate.

Now that our century is 20 years old, let us beckon this new decade without forgetting teachings of the past and by renewing hope for the future – together!



Made mistakes hiring colleagues and staff for your clinic in the past? The right staff, tailor – made for your clinic, is the secret of a successful and running practice. Learn from us tips and tricks of how to hire an employee best suited for your needs!


Scared of terms like direct tax, indirect tax, income tax returns in the past? Numbers scare us too! Let us address our fears and find answers to all our concerns about dentists’ taxation.


Can we gracefully step into the future without appreciating what all we have overcome in the past? One rotation changed the face of imaging science, enabling the shift from small to big and localized to generalized view. Come on the whirlwind journey of dental panoramic radiography with us!


Osseoperception in dental implants

We focus all our energies on making the implant stay.

What if we also focus on making the implant say?

A unique complaint of patients with artificial prosthesis is – ‘I don’t enjoy my food like before’. They won’t because they’ve lost the PDL mechanoreceptors which sent the sensory stimuli to do so. Perceptive abilities of dental implants are being researched upon recently. Can we enlist ‘tactile sensibility’ as one of the many advantages of dental implants to our patients?

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Pink esthetics

Loss of gingiva, especially in the esthetic zone can result in the patient losing the confidence to smile entirely. Common correction procedures are either of long duration, lack predictability or are invasive which acts as a deterrent. Find out about the current best approaches in black triangle management – a non-invasive, additive, predictable method using Bioclear matrices or an easy, single, quick shot of dermal fillers giving adequate results.

Oral drugs for oral stain removal

Specific dental stains require specialized cleaning techniques, beyond regular scaling and polishing. New research says that use of oral drugs containing lactoferrin have a cleaning effect on teeth stained due to iron metabolism disorders. Only accurate diagnosis of the causes of staining can thus help in correct treatment.

Here’s wishing you, your family and your work team a very happy 2020 from the entire DR team! Hope we grow together this year!


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