The DR Pronto Esthetic Challenge, 2021-2022 Report

Dr. Zainab Kasid was the Co- Organising Head of the DR Pronto Esthetic Challenge 1, 2021-2022

DentalReach has always thrived to create opportunities to connect with peers in dentistry, build relationships, and share ideas within the dental fraternity.

The DR Pronto Esthetic Challenge was a growing craze in the dental industry! DentalReach, a leading international dental magazine had teamed up with M&M dental associates, a renowned distributor of quality dental materials in India, to give away free samples of the magical material- Activa Pronto. M&M Dental offered this opportunity for people to test their clinical skills and potentially win prizes.

About Activa Pronto

ACTIVA™ PRONTO is a universal, stackable and shapeable, light cure composite that is strong, durable, wear and fracture-resistant, releases and recharges calcium, phosphate, and fluoride, and is indicated for all classes of cavities. It is a highly esthetic, light cure, dentin, and enamel replacement material that penetrates and integrates with tooth structure for margin-free adaptation to teeth.

It has patented rubberized resin that absorbs stress and resists wear, fracture, and chipping, even in thin areas on bevel margins. The hydrophilic resin facilitates diffusion of bioavailable calcium, phosphate and fluoride ions. It is free of GMA, Bisphenol A, and BPA derivatives.

You can buy Activa Pronto from here: BUY NOW

DR Pronto Esthetic Challenge, 2021-2022

This unique journey with live interactive sessions where participants joined in real-time discussions, asked questions and explored solutions with industry thought leaders, was one of a kind experience. Live panels of leading practitioners delivered insights, tips, and stories from actual clinical case scenarios. But behind each smoothly running virtual event goes a tirelessly working team behind the scenes to make all our experiences come together seamlessly. The entire team of DentalReach, as well as M&M Dental, worked hard to ensure everything from collecting registration data to processing and dispatching samples, to managing the flow of entries and conducting mentor lecture sessions, to making a closed group for regular uploads and discussions, and finally, to create a mega award event went smooth.

As the sun has set on 2021, here we are reading the success story of DR Esthetic Challenge – So how did it all start?!

In the honor of completing 25 years of service in the Indian dental material market, M&M Dental Associates wanted to explore the future of dental materials by introducing the magical bio-mimetic material to the Indian dentists-Pronto!

While discussing the whereabouts during our national woman-dentist conference, the DRDDS-2, Mrs. Maala Malik- Founder and CEO of Smilesville Pvt. Ltd told me that she wanted to do something big after DRDDS-2. What’s something that we can provide to the Indian dental practitioners that nobody else can?

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This discussion gave birth to the idea of offering a unique, interactive forum for deep discussion of product use and best practices to maximize its efficiency which would be taught by the product experts themselves. Not enough? They were even generous enough to provide free material to which would be delivered to the doorsteps of those selected practitioners.

After a lot of discussion and planning, the protocol for the challenge was decided which was as follows:

Protocol of Challenge

  • Lecture by a mentor with the declaration of the task for the challenge
  • 1 week for challengers to apply
  • Dispatch of material to selected challengers at no cost
  • 4 weeks to submit the case
  • Award selection in 6 weeks

As we started the registration process, the flow of entries was very slow in the beginning. May be partly because this was a totally new concept and partly because it was a difficult job to accomplish. Whatever the reason may be, we did not lose hope and to our expectations, the registrations scaled to incredible numbers in no time.

We received 60+ registrations from as many as 25+ states across the country. When the dental community could not come to us, we went to the community, wherever they were, whatever their circumstances were in a crisis, we just wanted to keep the momentum going. All the participants courageously accepted the challenge and provided us with commendable results in a very short span of just 4 weeks.

Guides & Mentors

The challenge began with an insightful discussion by our beloved mentors and they were immensely supportive and encouraging throughout the challenge. This series of 3 challenges were thrown open under the guidance of respected Dr. Rumpa Wig and 3 highly respected mentors, individually handled the 3 challenges, namely, Dr. Nikhil Bahuguna, Dr Prateik Gupta and Dr Priti Lamba.

  • Dr Rumpa was the Guide for the DR Pronto Esthetic Challenges 1-3, 2021-2022.

A renowned International Speaker and faculty. She completed her BDS from GDC, Indore, obtaining a PCAD from NYU later. Dr Wig is also a graduate in North Indian Classical Vocal music, Sangeet Vishaarad.

  • Dr Nikhil was the Mentor of the DR Pronto Esthetic Challenge 1, 2021-2022.

Dr Nikhil Bahuguna (Noida, India) is an endodontist & esthetic dentist. He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Aesthetic Dentistry and a Certified maillifier, Edelweiss & Light Speed instructor. In addition, he is the Secretary and Board of Director of the Indian Academy of Aesthetic & Cosmetic Dentistry (IAACD).

  • Dr Prateik was the Mentor of the DR Pronto Esthetic Challenge 2, 2021-2022.

Dr Prateik Gupta is a private practitioner from Hyderabad having a microscope-enhanced dental practice limited to esthetic dentistry, lasers, and implants and a training centre for dentists. He is instrumental in bringing and establishing the bioclear brand in India.

  • Dr Priti was the Mentor of the DR Pronto Esthetic Challenge 3, 2021-2022.

Dr. Priti Lamba is a general dentist with special attention to cosmetic & implant dentistry. She has graduated from GDC&H, Mumbai in the year 2006 and has her own private practice in Chembur, Mumbai since 2010.

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Challenge 1 : Class V restorations

Challenge 1 was carried forward under the guidance of our beloved Dr.Nikhil Bahugana who gave an elaborate webinar on the topic ‘Class V restorations’. The entire challenge 1 was conducted from July 2021 to September 2021.

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Apart from getting in-depth knowledge regarding the clinical applications of Pronto, participants also got a chance to learn expert tips on social media marketing from the very famous Dr. Anisa Shaikh.

Dr Anisa Shaikh

Dr Anisa Patel Shaikh is an esthetic dentist from Mumbai, India and founder of Your Social Dentist, with an expertise in digital and social media marketing.

The passion and enthusiasm was unbeatable and all the participants were winners in a true sense.

The results for Challenge 1 were out and apart from many exciting prizes and vouchers, winners also received a ‘Pulpdent’ certified, internationally recognized certificate. They will also be featured in DentalReach digital magazine – which is the fastest growing international digital dental magazine with 15,000+ readership worldwide – in special monthly issues.

The winners for the DR Pronto Esthetic Challenge 1, 2021-2022 are:

1st Prize:

  1. Dr Arunkumar Thiruganam.

2nd Prize : Critics Award of excellence

  1. Dr Dipti Athale
  2. Dr Alpa Savla

3rd Prize : Jury special Mention

  1. Dr Sonal Yerpude
  2. Dr Jimeet Bamania .
  3. Dr Rudyumna Garain

Popular choice award winner:

  • Dr Aarti Daswani

Special mention in Popular Award:

  1. Dr Byju Chakalakal
  2. Dr Kirti Jain

Pronto Insta challenge – Case with making of Instagram reel

  1. Winner – Dr. Kanupriya Kajaria
  2. Jury Special Mention
  • Dr Hima
  • Dr Shreya

3. Special Appreciation

  • Dr Sanjana

Case reports by them have been published in DR March Issue the DR Pronto Esthetic Challenge Special 1.

Challenge 2 : Class III restoration

Challenge 2 began with a bang by a wonderful presentation by Dr. Pratiek Gupta on ‘Class III restorations’. The highlight of the presentation was live streamed on 28-Sept-2021

The entire challenge 2 was conducted from

The challengers also got a chance to learn basics of Finance and Economics by the maestro Dr. Bhavdeep Singh Ahuja. He guided dentists to a more profitable practice and was kind enough to give some very important insights on ROI analysis of a direct restorative appointment.

Dr Bhavdeep Singh Ahuja

Dr. Bhavdeep Singh Ahuja is a general practitioner. He has specialized in Implants from BioHorizons Inc. USA in 2004-05 & in Advanced Course from LACE-ICOI, USA in 2006. Apart from Dentistry, he holds a Triple M.B.A.

We got many new registrations for Challenge 2 apart from the old ones. Pronto was now the talk of the town and everyone wanted to test drive this unique material which mimics the properties of a natural tooth. All the action takers were awarded with special prizes and special categories of winners made sure that no one is left behind in getting appreciated for their hard work.


The winners for the DR Pronto Esthetic Challenge 2, 2021-2022 are:

Platinum power house Dentistry Award

(Best Case with 3 highly graded case submissions)

  • Dr Arunkumar T.

Platinum Hero Award

(Best Case With Toughest Case Selection)

  • Dr Neha Momin .

Ģolden Award For Applauded Cases

  1. Dr Jimeet Bamania
  2. Dr Vara Joy Thomas
  3. Dr Simran Sethi
  4. Dr Urvashi Tanwar

Silver Award For Much Appreciated Cases

  1. Dr Bharati M
  2. Dr Jibin Karim
  3. Dr Dipti Athale
  4. Dr Aarti Daswani

Jury Award For Appreciated Cases

  1. Dr Laxmi Khiyani
  2. Dr Dipti Balvade
  3. Dr Shreya Singhi
  4. Dr Pracheth T V

Special Prize With Deep Appreciation – Power House Dentistry

(Max Cases Highly Applauded)

  • Dr Sanjali Manerkar

Popular Choice Award

  1. Dr Neha Momin
  2. Dr Arunkumar T

Case reports by them will be published in DR April Issue – the DR Pronto Esthetic Challenge Special 2.

Challenge 3 : Class 4 restorations

Challenge 3 which began with some very practical tips and tricks by the dynamic Dr.Priti Lamba on the topic ‘Class IV restorations’. The entire challenge 3 was conducted from

Challenge 3 saw some spectacular cases and amazing make-overs!

All the three challenges were backed up with power packed discussions by our dear mentor Dr. Rumpa Wig, which were enough to spread enthusiasm amongst participants. She covered all the latest research in Pronto as well as detailed chemistry of the material.

The winners for the DR Pronto Esthetic Challenge 3, 2021-2022 are:

Platinum Winners of Challenge 3 – Unanimously Voted best cases

  1. Neha Momin
  2. Arun Kumar T
  3. Urwashi Tanwar

Golden Marathon Challenge winners

(Most number of cases with high ratings from all Judges)

  1. Dr Sanjali Manerkar
  2. Dr Ridyumna Garain
  3. Dr Vara Joy thomas

Jury’s Silver Award for superior cases

  1. Dr Bharti M
  2. Dr Venugopal
  3. Dr Alpa Salve
  4. Dr Kanupriya
  5. Dr Aarti Daswani

Popular choice award correlating to Judges scores

  1. Dr Arunkumar – 45
  2. Dr Neha Momin – 26
  3. Dr Dipti Balvada- 25
  4. Dr Sonal Yerpude – 21
  5. Dr Ridyumna – 21
  6. Dr Punit Patel – 19

For Participants of all 3 challenges and from the winners Across all Challenges –

(The winners amongst the winners)

  1. Super challenger 1st Prize : Dr Arun Kumar Thirugnanam
  2. Super challenger 2nd Prize : Dr Sanjali Manerkar
  3. Super challenger 3rd Prize : Dr Aarti Daswani and Dr Kanupriya Kajaria

Appreciation for M&M Dental

Mrs. Maala Malik, M&M Dental Associates, and also the Founder and CEO of Smilesville Pvt. Ltd was our chief contact and resource person for this challenge. She was an absolute pleasure to work with! Her dedication, interest, enthusiasm, and support towards the betterment of the dental fraternity are much appreciated by Team DR and all our challengera as well. She was kind enough to surprise the team with a special gift, delivered to our doorsteps:

We thank you for your support Maala! Looking forward to a consistent association with M&M dental associates.

To conclude

Our aim behind this challenge was to make a positive difference in this time of crisis and the responses proved that we were successful in doing the bit of our part. We cannot wait to reach out to more people to spread more positivity and enthusiasm.

We regularly keep organizing contests, competitions, and challenges! For all updates, you can subscribe to our newsletter or drop me an email at


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