The 9 Best Dentist GIF's Out There :D

As a dental professional we have to make our own humor sometimes.

1. The Pat Down

After the dentist numbs you

We have all been there. Is my face fatter? Is it even still there? Am I drooling?

2. Every Dentist Sees this Once a Day.

When the patient reaches for Suction

You get in the dental chair and all of a sudden you are afraid of your own spit. You can't swallow that now! SO you constantly fumble your tongue and lips for that suction.

3. How Do You Like my New Veneers?

You'd be surprised at how low people set their bar for cosmetic dentistry. The only question is do you let them know how bad it is.

4. Our Best Defense Against Saliva

We try so hard to keep that tooth dry. Its like no one is willing to work with us. They just cast those little pieces of cotton aside like you didn't even want them there. No respect I tell you.

5. Getting High… Compliments of your Dentist

Come get your dental work done and we will make you feel great about yourself any way possible. Yep, we can even get you high.

6. Minty Fresh

Swipe that tongue. Let your dentist know they did a good job. It's a compliment to our kind.

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7. Should Have Had Implants

So embarrassing every time this happens. Okay it doesn't happen often but it is every denture patients fear to have those things fall out at a bad time.

8. Yes, We Know When you Don't Floss

Its ironic when people ask why their gums bleed when they floss. They bleed because you don't ever floss. Just keep flossin.. they will stop bleeding.

9. It's Too Late

Once you got the cavity you might as well surrender. You're not gonna brush it away. But if you try I recommend this technique.

Happy Laughing!


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