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Editorial for April issue, 2021

Every month, to get maximum benefit out of your reading, you need to read six types of articles. This is what I call the ‘360° Reading Concept’. To make things simpler for you, DentalReach has come up with an issue outlining these six types of articles. So which articles are these?

1. Research Oriented Theory

We all know that silver diamine fluoride (SDF) is a great anti-carious agent, especially in children & adolescents.

But did you know that SDF is also a great anti-hypersenstivity agent for adults and senior citizens? Read the original research by Dr Tanya Hiwal proving the same in her article titled ‘Effect Of Silver Diamine Fluoride On Tooth Hypersensitivity Among 20 to 60 Year Old Adults In Bangalore City: An in-vivo study’

2. Challenging Case Reports

Is minimally invasive dentistry a one-stop solution for all cases?

What is ‘conservative’ – composites or a wise treatment plan?

Do you evaluate occlusion in an esthetic case?

Find answers to these questions in this opinion article by Dr Deepa Ravichandran, along with a case report on ‘Composites Versus Crowns – Recall @ 6 months.’

3. Dentist / Patient Oriented Material

Although our jobs demand creating those perfect, everlasting smiles, we sometimes find ourselves scowling at our own lives.

This is because our profession is filled with various challenges and we just don’t know how to keep calm!

Read 10 tips on how a dentist can keep calm in the toughest of situations by Dr Neha Iyer in her article on ‘How to Keep Calm as a Dentist!’ and let us know if it made you calmer than before!

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4. Dental Marketing / Academics

As a passionate academician, are you stuck between giving the best education to your students and the limited attention span of today’s generation?

As suggested by Dr Ketaki Chavhan, videos are a quick-fix solution for bringing out the best in your student, in a style the student admires in her article ‘Videos as a tool for revolutionising education in dental colleges’

5. Clinically Oriented Content

Did you know that the use of mouthwash to control plaque bacteria dates back around 5000 years when the Chinese recommended the use of child’s urine for the control of gingivitis?

Ironically, we still don’t know much about mouthwashes and blindly prescribe simple chlorhexidine rinses for every and any condition.

Dr Mohini Daultani gives you a quick lesson on mouthwashes – along with tips on where to use which one and how – in her article on Mouthwash -“Best Shield of Oral Cavity”!

6. Current Affairs/Trends in Healthcare/Professionals

You have used a pencil to write, draw or sketch but have you ever used a pencil to carve figures on?

Meet dental talent Dr Parikshit Gupt, a microartist from Himachal Pradesh, India who has carved a full denture on a tiny pencil lead of only 3 mm – the smallest denture ever in the world in a special article by Team DentalReach called ‘Smallest Denture in the World – Denture On Pencil Lead!

It is time to finish a month of reading condensed into one single issue! Read on and give me your honest feedback on

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Effect Of Silver Diamine Fluoride On Tooth Hypersensitivity Among 20 to 60 Year Old Adults In Bangalore City: An invivo study

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