Starting or Resuming Dental Practice? Here’s What You Need to Know!

Editorial September 2021 (Volume 4, Issue 7) by Dr Nupur Shrirao

So many young graduates and postgraduates pass out from dental schools each year, with dreams in their eyes and hopes for a better future! Setting up our own private practice is a goal for many of them. Some achieve it and start their own clinic, but may suffer setbacks – in terms of health, finances, maternity leaves or pandemics! Sooner or later, they get back to their practice. In both of these situations, whether you are a fresher or a seasoned dentist, there are some things you need to know before you can start or resume your dental practice. Here is a collection of articles, detailing all you need to know if you're in this situation!

1. Tips for Setting Up Dental Practice

The dental market, every day, accommodates more and more options for equipping clinics. While choosing equipment, we get lost among dozens of brands, hundreds of models and thousands of words from manufacturers and sellers! So how to choose a dental unit?

To know how, read this article on 10 tips for choosing a dental chair and setting up dental practice by Dr Rockson Samuel!

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2. Dental Practice in Covid-19 Times

Every dentist who is setting up a new or resuming his old practice, must know which strict and effective infection control protocols are needed in the dental clinic in this pandemic era.

This article, based on our experience and relevant guidelines and research, introduces essential knowledge about COVID-19 and nosocomial infection in dental settings, and provides recommended management protocols for dental practitioners and dental students in affected areas. Dr Priti Jaiswal elaborates on the guidelines.

3. How to Choose the Best Dental Chair?

Since the dental chair unit is the most basic investment required by a dental practice- and one which should ideally last for years- there’s no doubt that every clinician would want to go for the BEST dental chair, according to his/her needs.

This is a perfect buyer's guide for a dentist just about to start his/her dental practice! Dr Rockson Samuel answers questions plaguing our minds since graduation – how to choose the best dental chair?

4. Starting Out with Case Documentation

Experienced dentists know this – dental practice is not about dental practice alone. It’s also about convincing the patients and avoiding legal hassles. Whether you have resumed practice after a while, or are just starting out, one fact does not change – the importance of case documentation.

For someone who is beginning out on a fresh dental practice or understanding documentation, mobile dental photography seems to be a wiser option to start with compared to DSLR, says Dr Deepa Ravichandran while sharing some of her personal tips & tricks!

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5. Covid-19 Signs & Symptoms in Oral & Maxillofacial Region

Some patients who have the cardinal COVID-19 symptoms (dry cough, high fever & difficulty in breathing) also exhibit other signs & symptoms in the oral & maxillofacial region, which are rarely taken into account by the clinicians involved.

COVID-19 signs & symptoms specific to the oral & maxillofacial region may be present and treated by the dental surgeon in a symptom based approach. Every dentist starting or resuming practice in this current time must be aware of this, says Dr Mriganka Sekhar Ghose.

6. Quality Practice – Giving Your Practice an Edge Over The Others!

Whether we are starting out or getting back to dental practice, we must be aware that in a stressful pandemic scenario, dental phobia and anxiety has become common among dental patients. There are various ways for management of dental anxiety, including medications, which can have their own side effects.

On the other hand, aromatherapy is a low cost, effective and safe way of dealing with such patients, says Dr Shruti Kulkarni. This article discusses on how aromatherapy can benefit our patients and help us deliver quality treatment, also help in making our clinic livelier and filled with positive vibes in a stressful pandemic scenario.

7. BONUS! Something for your patients!

Whether you are a fresher or a seasoned dentist, you must be well aware that maintenance of dental prosthesis is as important as constructing one. Unfortunately, this does not depend on you, but on your patients – their compliance, capabilities and ways of oral hygiene maintenance.

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Here’s a quick checklist for our dear patients with instructions and explanations on how to clean their dental prosthesis. You may print and give these as handouts to your patients, or share this article link with them!

I hope you enjoy this issue and share it with all your colleagues and friends who are starting or resuming their practice!


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