Smallest Denture in the World - Denture On Pencil Lead

A dentist is not only a doctor specialized in treating oral conditions and diseases, but also an artist. Application of both science and art lets a dentist restore normal function as well as normal features. Gaining knowledge of medical science and developing artistic skills are a part of the curriculum for every dentist. However, few take it a notch higher and use those skills to develop their talent!

Dr. Parikshit Gupt from Himachal Pradesh, a Prosthodontist and Struggling YouTuber, was always interested in carving since his first year graduation days. With a background of an artistic family and father as mentor in dentistry, he used both to improve his professional skills to satisfy his patients and himself. After completing carving sessions under the college curriculum, he started wax carving of general things like skull, laptop, forearm, WWE logo etc. all from a small carving wax block which were appreciated by his family and friends. He even carved a complete set of denture on a wax block of size just 11 mm.

One day, while sitting idle, he casually carved a tooth on pencil and found it was possible to carve to such a small scale. Impressed and inspired from carving videos of the world renowned microartist Salavat Fidai, he decided to take his carving skills a step ahead and tried carving other sculptures on pencil lead and bring it to a global platform to get unbiased reviews and comments.

Guns carved on pencil lead. Notice the thin base and curvature of the gun.

He started his YouTube channel ‘ParixArt’ with a miniature carving of Chess knight on 2H pencil lead. His one of most watched video is of a denture carved on pencil lead. This denture was carved on a 10B 4mm lead pencil with festooning and root carving!! It is the smallest denture in the world at just – 3mm!

Denture on pencil lead-notice the festooning and root carving
Denture on pencil lead-occlusal anatomy
Denture on pencil lead-smallest in the world at 3mm

Isn’t this amazing??!

Here is the making of the denture on pencil lead – a video tutorial

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Further, following his hobby he turned normal sized (1.5 -2 mm) pencil lead into “Batman, Sorting Hat from Harry Potter Series, Mask from the famous The Mask Movie” and with colored pencils his favorite cartoon characters “Tom & Jerry”, Fruits, Piggy Bank” and so on.

Batman on lead!
Sorting Hat from the Harry Potter series
Tom & Jerry on coloured lead pencils
Different fruits on coloured pencils
Piggy banks carved on coloured pencils

He uses a sharp BP blade, a customized carver and probe to carve out details in miniature pencil lead carvings and takes about minimum of 6 hours just to carve.

“To learn carving, one must develop 3D imagination and have the final image in mind, and of course developing skills with practice” says Dr. Parikshit Gupt.


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  1. Great skills doc.Truely amazing.

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  2. I know Dr. Parikshit since my graduation days. He is a dear friend & a Great Artist. His Passion for tooth carvings on a wax block can be made from the fact that the entire batch always took help of Parikshit for their dental wax block tooth carvings for getting good grades.
    Keep up the good work dear bro. Best wishes!

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  3. Very nice sir, keep the good work up

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  4. That’s truly incredible sir. Waiting for many more surprises in the future.

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