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Hand Hygiene Day is celebrated on 5th May every year. World Health Organization (WHO) conducts various activities to spread the importance of clean hands. The basic aim of this day is infection prevention and control. Meanwhile, Clean Your Hands is the main tagline for this campaign. WHO has taken the initiative to ask healthcare providers especially and general public to keep their hands clean.

WHO aims to achieve better health and well-being of all aged people through effective and affordable medicines and vaccines.

Infection Control and Prevention, including hand hygiene, is critical to achieve universal health coverage goals as it is a most practical and evidence-based approach with demonstrated impact on quality of care and patient safety across all levels of the health system.

Many diseases are transmitted from individual to individual by contaminated hands while consuming food. Maintaining hand hygiene is crucial for infection prevention and control program.

Various posters are available on the WHO site; one can download them and help WHO achieve these goals by spreading the message in the public interest. WHO is conducting surveys on infection prevention and control program. Detailed information is available on their website only.



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