Prosthodontist Day – 9 Cool Ideas to Celebrate and Get New Patients

Every year, Jan 22nd, is observed as the “Prosthodontist Day”, a proud day for Prosthodontists all around the globe.

What can you expect to do on a day-to-day basis as a prosthodontist?

A typical day for a prosthodontist passes by taking impressions, preparing crowns, fitting the prosthesis, making adjustments, basically designing and fabricating the dental prosthesis. Today is the day we celebrate and proud to be a prosthodontist.

Today gives patients the chance to express gratitude to the prosthodontists who help maintain their oral health.

For Prosthodontists, this Day is an opportunity to drive more appointments. Here, we share several dental marketing ideas to bring prospective and current patients into your practice.

Here are 10 great ideas for your celebration of Prosthodontists Day:

1. Thank your patients

On Prosthodontist Day, You should thank your patients for their trust in you by using this opportunity to strengthen your reputation with them and get to know them better. You will improve retention of your existing patients if you show up for work ready to treat.

2. Share what inspired you to become a Prosthodontist

It’s not every day you get to talk with patients about your career choice. For patients in need of orthodontic treatment, you’ll have a chance to show them that the orthodontist profession is truly more than just braces. In anticipation of Prosthodontists Day, film a video describing your experience as a Prosthodontist. Show them what motivated you to become an orthodontist and why this is your passion. Showcase your personality and how your professional background allows you to better connect with patients and make a lasting impression. According to Statista, 80 percent of internet users watch online video content, making video a great medium to reach new patients.

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3. Organize a fundraiser or Charity Event

You can organize a fundraiser to raise money for needy patients. It is a very important cause, and people should be aware of it. You can invite your friends to attend and have fun.


4. Create a blog post or a podcast

Write a blog post on Prosthontists Day and share your experience. You can also create a podcast on the topic. This will be an excellent way to educate others about Prosthodontists Day.

Submit your podcast or blog at

5. Encourage patients to share positive feedback online.

Encourage your current patients to share their experiences at your dental practice. Patients find positive online reviews of a dental practice highly valuable. If you get a few reviews, you’ll attract more patients to your practice. From my experience, patients are more than twice as likely to post a review for you when you ask them to, so don't let this great opportunity to build a positive online reputation pass you by.

6. Invite your friends to read a book.

A prosthodontist has done a lot of research and hard work to develop the latest technology in dentistry. You can encourage your friends to read a book that tells them about it.

7. Make a video and share on Social Media

Make a video of yourself and post it on WhatsApp Status, Instagram (Reels) and other Social Media Channels. You can also invite other people to make videos of themselves. You can ask them to share their experiences and why they are proud to be a Prosthodontists.

8. Use the Prosthodontists Day Facebook profile frame

Update your Fb profile picture with our special Prosthodontists Day frame

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9. Discount for complete denture patients

Give a discount to poor geriatric patients for complete dentures on prosthodontist day.

You can celebrate prosthodontist day by spreading awareness on social media. You can create a post with ideas like why you chose to be a prosthodontist. It will be a great idea if you share any patient’s story, which you cannot forget. Sharing before and after photos is a great idea. Be sure to explain the procedure. Don’t forget to use the hashtag, #prosthodontics #prosthodontist

Are you excited to celebrate prosthodontist day?

Prosthodontists Day only comes around once a year, but the folks at DentalReach recognize the hard work, and on every occasion we recognize the significant contribution of every dental specialty to people’s lives throughout the year.

From us to you, Happy Prosthodontists Day!


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