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Dentistry does not have the luxury of spending an entire Saturday talking about treatment alternatives with one patient. Some strategic ideas would help in the negotiation between dentists and patients. In today’s world, many online links are available for patients, negotiating their amount on dental bills. Dentists must discuss their secrets of negotiation.

  • Use emotions while negotiating

Help patients understand your concerns with their ailment process by presenting your own emotions. When a patient refuses an important treatment, express concern for their health and well-being to help them understand the requirement of the treatment.

Have you ever faced difficulty in negotiating with your patients at an emotional level? Please share your way of negotiation with your patients, so that other dentists learn from your experience in our comment section below.

  • Must have clarification before gathering information

This strategy is very different from other dental teachings. Studying your patient’s radiographs and previous notes are crucial for undergoing any treatment. Find out answers to their dental issues before their first appointment. Use this information along with your preventive solutions to compromise.

How can you make the information more effective for your patients’ treatment? You should have a clarity about your patients’ history for offering them with best possible treatment.

  • Conflict should be healthy

If you ever disagree with your patient’s principles, it is important to express this with your patient rather than compromising. Most of the result oriented approach will be based on evidence-based dentistry. If patient disagrees, it’s always important to stick to your beliefs based on evidence-based dentistry and resolve conflict based on facts.

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You must have met with some patients, where conflict of opinions have occurred. Share some experiences to help other dentists’ fellow in our comment section below.

  • Remember that loss is a tolerable risk

If your patient denies compromising, it’s always nice to help your patient find a better place suited for their procedure. Negotiations should be ethical with the right tools. It’s necessary to treat your patient with a proper standardisation. Have you ever helped your patient with a better place for their treatment?

Helping your patient is a noble cause.
If you are unable to provide them with best treatment, suggest the best dentist or clinic.

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  • Dr Rashi Sharma, MDS (Oral pathology & Microbiology), Studied MDS at Sudha Rustagi dental college Greater Faridabad, Working as editor for journal JCDR .

Dr Rashi Sharma, MDS (Oral pathology & Microbiology), Studied MDS at Sudha Rustagi dental college Greater Faridabad, Working as editor for journal JCDR .

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    1. Great article explaining the required negotiation skills and strategic conflict management – a must requirement for a win-win situation for both sides.
      A ‘no’ need not be conveyed as a ‘yes’ as far as possible.

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