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Everybody encounters doctors for many reasons throughout their lifetime, that’s why doctors have an important role in everyone’s life. Doctors work for public well-being, whether it is in the government or private sectors. Medical practitioners work throughout the day to treat their patients, in some circumstances they have to work 24 hours a day. They are not just healers but life savers in many situations. Many countries celebrate National Doctor’s Day to show respect and appreciate work even for 24 hours, around the clock for public well-being.

But instead of respect and appreciation from patients in India, the scenario in the past 5 years or so has been slightly different. There is a surprisingly rising violence against the health professionals, so much so that people are taking law in their hands. Now, violence is wrong. And violence against the very profession that’s sworn to care, heal, protect, advise, save lives is just not acceptable.

In India, National Doctor’s Day is traditionally celebrated on 1st July every year. Every country has some historical background behind this day’s celebration. In India, this day is celebrated to commemorate the birth anniversary of dynamic and famous Doctor cum Politician Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy. Dr Roy was also the second Chief Minister of West Bengal and a reputed physician. He started many medical institutions and hospitals to offer best medical services. Medical Council of India (MCI) decided to pay homage and respect for his remarkable work in our society.

Objectives of National Doctors Day

  • To showcase the role and importance of doctors in our life
  • To appreciate doctors for their services and contributions in the society
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On this day, many government and private healthcare organisations felicitate doctors for their work. People meet, interact with doctors to honour them. Most of the time, public health education programs, social awareness programs, health checkups and treatment camps are organised by various social organisations in different regions.

During such programs, doctors interact and educate general population on health-related topics. Doctors explain causes, preventive measures and treatment of various diseases.

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Various social platforms like TV programs, news channels, and radio discuss with doctors on medical issues like diet, heart diseases, diabetes, joint pain, old age, etc. Viewers can interact and ask their doubts via telephone at live programs. Newspapers and magazines publish doctors’ interviews or medical educational contents for general public.

During this occasion, multiple activities are arrange for general public and doctors such as quizzes, tree plantation and many more.

Medical camps including general, eye, blood sugar checkups, cataract surgery, cleft lip/palate surgeries are organised for free or at minimal fees to help realise the importance of doctors’ role in general public’s lives. Even blood donation camps, vaccine immunisation programs are organised in various parts of the country on this day. Medical and dental checkup camps are arranged in schools to disseminate importance of health and motivate students to choose medical field as their career option.

Social organisations conduct sports activities for doctors to provide some relaxation from their daily routine stressful life. Such organisations conduct sports activities at medical and dental colleges to motivate young doctors.

In many hospitals, authorities arrange felicitation programs and sponsored lunch and dinner parties for doctors as a gesture of thanksgiving for their services to the hospitals.

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On that day, public is free to give greetings cards, flowers to doctors as token of appreciation for their services if they will.

Many Indians may not approach the doctors for treatments, but approach quacks and babas. Arrangements of free medical camps helps to disseminate knowledge about the importance of doctors among those people.

To end it remember that a day of appreciation is fine, but let’s pledge to stand with doctors, stand against violence and protect our saviors.


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  1. This is an amazing statement!!!! its is a very nice idea to celebrate national doctor’s day. doctors are doing their work sincerely and seriously .They deserve respect from us .

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