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Firstly, why did I choose to become a dentist?

Nobody jumps into a profession, especially in dentistry fully knowing the differences in work platforms with other health care service providers. It is pretty much understood that dentistry is a “business along with practice”. There is a lot of thought given into the decision before one takes up this career. In the beginning, we were always told, our face is the mirror of the body that helps identify us, influences one’s confidence, general health and to determine certain habits like eating, sleeping, drinking and talking.

So far my knowledge has gone, I have always seen the good side of dentistry, irrespective of the days at the hostel. The first year was difficult for everyone, away from friends and family. But it was quite surprising to get along with the new acquaintance. We became inseparable with growing time and enjoyed the best time together at college.

The hard part was after graduation when my ‘practical’ and ‘imaginational’ life had an exchange. Soon after that, I realised there were easier jobs with better payments than my own profession.  Anyone carrying this job required to go a lot of warships from the day you enter into practicing. To stay in the career, you have to be relaxed and enjoying everything without comprehending the bad situation. After the sweet taste of ecstasy with my current profession; I feel the need to mention my greatest role as a dentist for future graduates.

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Never feel demotivated as there are many hidden good sides of dentistry; because of which we have a very competitive market.

Career Independence

The primary factor in this platform was independence. Every dentist has their own way of performing and treating cases and following certain procedures of their own. While I realised this, I have found a better grip on the most complicated cases.

The most amazing factor can be the working hours, which is flexible with all my mind. Being self-employed gives me an immense freedom on where I can perform my work; how much can I work in a week or a year; making the opportunity to take breaks once in a while. Although being self-employed needs a lot of time to develop certain comfort and financial soundness to continue in the position. If we discuss other professions such as law, banking, finance and the tech industry; taken in employment pretty early right after graduation as opposed to dentistry, where you have to grow certain skills to be perfectly confident to start your own career.

The control over a certain business is never easy, but at the end I am the master. I am allowed to make any changes of my own, including any set of equipment and materials, I prefer. I can make choices of the dental lab to staff and premises. Besides the complete freedom, the completion lies with good quality and performance. Clients and patients always remain the close ally for their followups. So you can say – it is a secure career.

Self-made Reputation

In my general experience, being a dentist is overwhelmingly positive. Irrespective of the nature of work; people identify ‘A Dentist’ as a respectable profession, one requiring higher education and expertise to practice dentistry.

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During my research for graduation, my family supported me with great confidence to begin in with any journey I prefer. They always had my back before I start something new with my life. But later I acknowledged, there was no definition of a ‘perfect job’. Perfection evades the necessity to be practical and realistic. Bigger professions like actors, singers, company managers are a great success; neither of these will give you any happiness at the end of the day than being a health care professional.

Heterogeneous Approach

In real, I feel very good while working with my patients; returning their confidence and turning their fear into laughter as the most exciting challenge in practicing dentistry. My desire is to help patients to secure their oral health in a good position. A pleasant smile can change a bad day. As we were taught, oral health is very much the first step to reach good bodily well being. Speaking of a heterogeneous approach, it is the end product of art, science research, popularity and advertisement. Together, the unique manner of dentistry shines through; as no career path offers quite the same blend of positives.

Trust me, you can only imagine, how rewarding and satisfying it is to complete a smile makeover.

I feel great participating in life-changing procedures for my patients. It gives me a feeling of improving the quality of well being and self-learning. However, there is a 50% chance of the cases to succeed and fail with 0% hint, depending upon the patient’s history, age, medical conditions. Believing only on the successful 50% cases; the level of self-happiness returns to the same level after a life-changing positive event.

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Financial Independence

I am still unsure if I would do my job entirely for the sake of money. As mentioned before, there is quite a good freedom for wealth. I can only say, ‘Believe in morality and always provide work with quality and money will find its own way.’ Advice I give to many freshers that, a good earning comes with good investment. In my work the investment matters on how do I deal with patients; I blindly spend on the original materials and instruments and verify their qualities before purchasing and using them. With proper quality and technique, you will surely see the success of your work. Therein lies the truth of money being a great reason to choose dentistry.

It is definitely not a job of easy money. Every time you work with your patients, the work must meet the patient’s needs along with your personal goal. It must meet with the daily expenses for materials; leaving the profit for your efficiency.

Dentists have a competitive career, starting from the academics throughout the profession but respectful till the end.


Dr Rajashree studied in dental school, Ghaziabad, along with a certification course of Implants from Bioner, Spain.

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