This article is penned down by DentalReach Dental Divas Summit (DRDDS) 3 Conference & Creative Head, Dr Rockson Samuel.

As a dental professional, conferences are an essential part of staying updated with the latest trends and advancements in the field. It is my absolute privilege to be able to organise dental conferences for my enthusiastic database of 55k+ dentists globally.

In 2020, I had a vision to organise a dental conference that stood out from others – it must be organized and executed entirely by a team of talented women. I am proud to say that my talented team has achieved this, not only once, but thrice! From the planning stage to the selection of speakers and the overall execution, the DentalReach Dental Divas Digital Summit (DRDDS) consisted of only talented female dental professionals backstage. DRDDS 3, our third instalment and our event hat trick has left a lasting impression on me.

The Power of Representation

One of the most striking aspects of this conference was seeing an all-female team working seamlessly together. As a man in dentistry myself, it was incredibly empowering to see role reversals and witness such strong female representation in leadership roles. It served as a reminder that gender diversity is not only possible but also essential for driving innovation and progress within our profession.

Diverse and Knowledgeable Speakers

The lineup of speakers at this conference was truly impressive. Each of the twenty women speakers at DRDDS 3 brought their unique expertise and perspective, covering a wide range of topics relevant to modern dentistry. From advancements in digital technology to best practices in patient care, every session provided valuable insights that our delegates could immediately apply to my own practice.

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Thoughtful Planning and Execution

The meticulous planning and flawless execution of this event were evident from start to finish. My team ensured that every aspect of the conference ran smoothly, from registration processes to scheduling webinars, back-end co-ordination to getting sponsorships. This attention to detail created an environment conducive to learning and networking.

Engaging Webinars and Interactive Sessions

In addition to traditional lectures, DRDDS 3 incorporated interactive sessions and webinars that encouraged active participation from attendees. These sessions fostered meaningful discussions among peers, allowing us to exchange ideas, share experiences, and learn from one another. Free takeaway PDF’s were distributed and online surveys were conducted. The icing on the cake was an all female panel discussion of speakers at the end of each session.

A Welcoming Community

Organizing this conference made me realize how important it is for professionals in any field to come together as a community. It is a myth that organization in women-led teams leads to catfights!! I saw none. The atmosphere was warm, inclusive, and supportive – everyone felt comfortable sharing their thoughts and experiences. We are all still networking through our Speaker & Team WhatsApp group!

DRDDS 3 was a reminder that we are all in this together, working towards a common goal of providing the best possible care for our patients.

Thank you to DRDDS 3 Speakers!

I want to personally thank the following DRDDS 3 Speakers for being a part of our journey. Some of you have been there from the very beginning i.e. 2020, and it means a lot to me.

  • Dr Sneha Divekar
  • Dr Mohini Daultani
  • Dr Shilpa Shetty
  • Dr Rumpa Wig
  • Dr Shivangi Gajwani Jain
  • Dr Smita Athavale
  • Dr Maria Csillag
  • Dr. Nupur Shrirao
  • Dr. Sonal Yerpude
  • Dr Ashwini Pujari
  • Dr Niharika Jain
  • Dr Garima Poddar
  • Dr Disha Gupta
  • Dr Sagarika Muni
  • Dr Aparna Gupta
  • Dr Pavana Kamath
  • Dr Sanah Sayed
  • Dr Shail Jaggi
  • Dr Shelly Prashar
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(Speakers are arranged in the order of their sessions at DRDDS 3)

Lastly, thank you to my team!

Nothing is impossible with you girls on my side!

  • Dr Ashwini Pujari
  • Dr Nupur Shrirao
  • Dr Zainab Kasid
  • Dr Sonal Yerpude

At the end…

My experience with an all-female dental conference team and speakers was truly exceptional. The dedication, expertise, and passion displayed by these women left a lasting impact on me. DRDDS 3 not only provided valuable knowledge but also served as a source of inspiration and empowerment. I am grateful to have been a part of such an incredible event and look forward to organising more conferences with the help of my team and serve my loyal and curious dentist readers!

Remember to mark your calendars for upcoming dental conferences – they are invaluable opportunities to expand your knowledge, connect with fellow professionals, and be inspired by the remarkable work being done in our field.


Dr Rockson BDS, PgDM, DBM (Germany) & Awarded Content Marketeer of the year 2020 & Love telling story for brands.

DRDDS season 3: Simply WOW experience!!!

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