This article is penned down by DentalReach Dental Divas Summit (DRDDS) 3 Organising Head, Dr Ashwini Pujari. Dr Pujari also participated as a Speaker at DRDDS 3.
The notion of speaking at a national conference both, excited and scared me.
When I finally worked up the courage to submit conference talk proposals, I did so with the intention of documenting the speaking process if I were selected.
I hoped that by openly sharing my experiences, I could perhaps connect with others that are considering taking the same leap. And that, by seeing my excitement /fears/ anxiety/ joy, they may recognize that there is nothing special required to add your voice to the public forum.
Everyone has something to share.
So, over the last couple of months I’ve been documenting my preparation process.
Now that I’m several weeks removed from the experience, I wanted to take the time to look back and share some thoughts with you on my experiences as a whole.
If you’ve struggled to share your knowledge, whether in articles, lectures or videos because you don’t think you have anything worth sharing, I sincerely encourage you to remember this: “You have a lifetime of experience that is uniquely your own, and therefore you have thoughts, opinions, experiences and perspectives that can’t be found anywhere else in the same way.”
Your specific perspective on a topic could be exactly what someone out there needs to hear!
I personally enjoyed being a Speaker and had a wonderful experience presenting myself on this big platform of DRDDS 3…I loved to be a part of the live panel discussion along with stalwarts of Endodontics.
My dual role at the conference entailed me to be a part of the Organising team first, and then a Speaker. I firmly believe that unity is strength – when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved! Just like I couldn’t have organised this digital summit without my wonderful team by my side—
Best Editor in chief and Scientific head Dr Nupur Shrirao, the one who is the main backbone of DRDDS, and the team works under her valuable information and guidance. She makes sure all goes well and guides us very well regarding the lecture sessions.
Dr Sonal Yerpude, who was the Academic head of DRDDS, is my best mentor and best critic, and a very lovely person to get mentored by.
Dr Zainab Rangwala, the PR head of DRDDS, is such a lovely and supportive person. She is very creative and managed moderating the event with hosts extremely well.
Dr Rockson Samuel, the one man army of DRDDS. He is an extremely kind and humble person to work with. The greatest pillar and excellent talent of DRDDS!
It is my pleasure to work with my great team of DRDDS, and it was a lovely experience to be a Speaker at the same event. I am looking forward to planning and speaking at more such events in the future. Hope to see you all again soon!
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  • Dr Ashwini Pujari is a General Dentist. Passionate Dental Practitioner in Endodontics. She is an Active member of Social organization INNER WHEEL, Computer savvy, Enterprener and Writer.

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