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Some of our colleagues or friends in their mid 40’s have hit what is popularly termed as ‘mid-life crisis’. Well, let us be fair to them – around this time of the year, most of us also hit what I’d call a ‘mid-year crisis’ – where the excitement of the new has worn off, the thoughts for the future are dwindling and we don’t exactly know what is happening in the present. Monotony has set in, and we are looking out for some quick changes and even quicker doses of motivation. Any guesses who is going to help you cope with that? Yes, you’re on the right page of the right medium!

In this month’s issue, we have an interesting line up of articles. Dr Archana Singh talks about everything you wanted to know about ocular prosthesis. Whether it is the surgical procedure of evisceration, implant types used, desired implant movements & motility or tear production post prosthetic use, she covers it all.

Dr Rashmi Punhani discusses an important symbiosis for the welfare of our kiddo patients – that between Paediatrician and Pedodontist. She has provided an entire checklist for the paediatrician with respect to oral health, clearing confusions about when to refer to Paediatric Dentist, oral health care of infants and toddlers, care to be taken by mother during pregnancy and after delivery for optimum oral health of the child and dental treatment of mother during pregnancy.

Dr Manish Kumar elaborates on one clinic emergency we face every day, but it’s management can still be challenging – bleeding. The causes of bleeding can be plenty, besides the dental trigger. In all cases, prevention is essential by taking a proper case history record.  However, it is also important to know the various protocols to be followed in case the issue arises and the usual methods of bleeding control do not suffice.

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Have you ever faced a situation where you are satisfied with the world class and ethically sound esthetic treatment you have provided, while the patient is utterly dissatisfied? This happens because dentist failed to understand and address the patient’s expectations. Dr Harshal Patil gives us pointers to follow which will enable us to fully address the patient’s expectations and ensure optimum results.

Dr Neha Jha explains beautifully the importance of a guide or mentor in our lives and  pushes forth the arguementit is a gain for both. The role of mentor can be immensely satisfying and watching someone grow and reflect on their own learning and development can be an enhancing experience. For the mentee, learning from the mentor’s expertise, receiving constructive criticism as well as acquiring specific skills and knowledge that is relevant to personal goals, is the advantage.

Our Chief and Digital Content Manager, Dr Rockson Samuel is going to enlighten us on Dental Marketing in a 4-part series, out of which the first part is in this month’s issue. He has provided an in-depth analysis of dental websites, their do’s and don’t’s and has given an overview of what exactly ‘Branding’ is and how to go about it.

So there’s a lot to push us into erasing off the monotony. Keep reading and following and break the damn wheel!

Highlights of our Monthly Editorial

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