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Our world is riddled with confusion, doubts and insecurities because it involves a lot of ‘maybes’. We are uncertain and unsure. We keep pondering over what can this possibly be or what can that perhaps mean. The only way for peace is a life without maybes; the only way to get rid of maybes is to simply do a fact check!

Once you get your facts right, once you build your work on a foundation of solid, researched and studied evidence, it just leaves no room for doubt. Here’s hoping that we try to get rid of the maybes for you through our issue of curated and researched content.

If we were to make a list of deadly diseases, one would unanimously make it to the top – cancer. Out of all the cancer cases in India, 30% of patients are afflicted with oral cancer. On the global front, 1/3rd of patients affected with oral cancer belongs to India.

Oral Cancer Update’ provides us with hard-hitting facts along with everything you ever wanted to know about oral cancer with respect to statistical relevance.

Probiotics are live microorganisms, which beneficially affect the host by selectively stimulating growth and increasing the activity of a limited number of good bacteria. It is available in various interesting forms like chewing gum, lozenges, fruit yogurts – and even special cheese! It has various applications in dentistry. But is artificial administration of live organisms safe in children?

Find out the reality in ‘Probiotics in Children – A Pediatric Dentist’s Overview’. While children do need care, another age group coming with its own unique set of problems, and specialised care instructions are the geriatric age group. Twenty percent Indians are in the 60 plus age group. ‘Ageing & Its Effects on Teeth’ discuss it with complete exploration. Smile enhancement is at the forefront of treatment planning in the present era of dentistry.

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The good news is that esthetic dentistry is no longer unpredictable and non-conservative.‘Predictably Achieving Esthetics’ talks about current techniques and advancements, which provide very predictable and harmonious results, if proper steps are followed. ‘Top Career Options after BDSis probably the most googled search on every dental interns’ web browser. So much confusion isn’t it! Following the traditional path of dentistry is an easy choice – private practice or post-graduation. There are so many offbeat innovative options available too – allow us to serve it on a platter for you to pick!

Dentistry is a noble service, but well let’s face it – it’s much more than that. There are people employed, financial risks involved and technology to be updated every year at the least. ‘Dentists as Entrepreneurs’ talks about how to ethically run the business and be good at it.

Our Dentistry Clinical Contest Winner for this quarter is Dr Manpreet Kaur, Department of Prosthodontics, Maharaja Ganga Singh Dental College and Research Centre, Rajasthan, India. She talks in length about the current hot topic of discussion in dentistry–ozone. Ozone in Dentistry – A Paradigm Shift discusses ozone or O3 therapy using ozonated olive oil and its various applications in Periodontics, Endodontics, Oral Surgery, Prosthodontics, Oral Medicine, Orthodontics, Aesthetic and Implant Dentistry.

So, here we are wishing you a factful month of May with no maybes!

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Dentists as Entrepreneurs

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