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What is JawPro?

Are you a dentist that suffers from aches and pain? There is a high chance you
are. A study in 2010 revealed the prevalence of musculoskeletal disorders is extremely high in dentists with up to 96% reporting pain.

Part of my role of being a Physiotherapist requires ergonomic assessments at many dental clinics. I noticed that both patients & dentists, especially dental assistants complained about pain caused from the lack of support provided during dental procedures. Although there are many products which keep the mouth open, there is nothing on the market to reduce the downward force exerted by the dentist.

It is well known that during oral surgery and sedated procedures the dental assistant/
hygienist is often required to support the jaw to maintain a patent airway. With one arm
supporting the jaw at an awkward angle to maintain a patent airway and the other arm
trying to suction it’s hard to maintain a good ergonomic posture resulting in work place
aches and strains. These awkward ergonomic demands placed on dental assistants leads to an increase in workers compensation claims and sick days resulting in poor work morale.

A recent Australian study found that 85% of the adult populations are still at least a little anxious about painful or uncomfortable procedures during a dental visit. All the fear and anxiety – because it hurts your jaw! Having to open your mouth for long periods can cause your Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) to go into dysfunction due to inflammation and misalignment. There is nothing to simply support the jaw from the downward forces of the dentist.

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The JawPro truly is the solution for both dental assistants & dental patients, backed and designed in collaboration with dentists & oral surgeons.

The JawPro is a device which eliminates the need for the dental assistant to support the mandible during dental procedures, helping to prevent postural musculoskeletal injuries and allowing the dental assistant to have both hands free to actually assist the dentist.

An added bonus of the JawPro is that it also helps reduce anxiety for the patient by
providing jaw support. It decreases the strain placed through the TMJ resulting in
reduced post treatment jaw soreness and TMJ dysfunction.

The JawPro is going to fill a void in the dental world and revolutionise the way we treat patients. It will decrease pain, fear and anxiety surrounding dental visits leading to regular visits and healthier teeth/gums. However the JawPro is not only designed for the patient, it has a very important role in looking after the dental assistants and technicians, resulting in more productivity and hence beneficial to the dentist too.

Functions of the JawPro device

1. Comfortably supports your jaw during any dental procedure.
2. Helps maintain a patent airway.
3. Minimises jaw pain, TMJ dysfunction and soreness during and after dental
4. Minimises jaw locking and overextension.
5. Reduces treatment breaks and overall treatment time.
6. Reduces ergonomic demands of the dental assistant and risk of workplace

Working principle

The JawPro works by supporting the mandible from below. The strength of the
device is provided from the ratchet design that allows for an easy locking system. The device is simple to put on and is flexible, allowing a one size fits all approach. The device is easy to put on and off; it only takes 5 seconds!

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Cleaning instructions

The device is not disposable but reusable. Either wipe it down with antiseptic or place it in the autoclave.


The JawPro currently retails at only $99.


The JawPro is the ultimate tool for creating a better dental experience for everyone!
Dentistry is constantly changing and progressing in the way we treat, so provide
your staff with the best dentistry has to offer. The JawPro will reduce staff’s aches and
pains (sick days) and improve overall morale of patients and staff.



Contact details –Email: jordan@jawpro.com.au. Ph.: 0407 420 663

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