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With studies indicating that 30% of the adult population experience dental sensitivity, ELSENZ powered by BioMin is the product stepping up to the plate to help. Having earned the ‘Best Dentine Hypersensitivity Relief and Protection Product Manufacturer’ award for the UK, it is making waves in an ever-growing worldwide market, having recently earned FDA 510K approvals for its toothpastes in the USA.

On what proposition exactly does the BioMin Technologies work?

BioMin Technologies is a company dedicated to commercial research into bioactive glasses for use in oral healthcare by dental professionals. But what are bioactive glasses? They are a group of surface reactive glass-ceramic biomaterials, often used in implants where the repair and replacement of diseased or damaged bone is needed. BioMin thought to apply them to dentistry, and it is from here that it has become recognized. Founded in 2015 as a start-up by Queen Mary University of London, it has seen many applications of its research being developed and used, very proud of the way in which it has gone from strength to strength in its industry. The first application it developed was toothpaste that treated dental hypersensitivity amongst patients, a formula that would actively protect and remineralise tooth surfaces. In this way, BioMin offers both fluoride and fluoride free varieties, called BioMin F and BioMin C, both of which have proved incredibly popular amongst its market segment, earning a CE approval as Class IIb medical devices for the treatment of dentine hypersensitivity.

BioMin’s technological backing and scientific rigor has been both clinically and scientifically tested, having received incredibly positive feedback from dental professionals and consumers alike. BioMin’s toothpastes are now available worldwide, with sales being conducted in over 40 countries through distributors and license holders, all the while keeping to its core values of providing toothpastes with proven therapeutic benefit, improving quality of life for its end users. Commonly, its products reach its end users through distribution by dental practices and online, with a renewed focus on digital media’s role in marketing and promotion. Furthermore, its clinical efficiency has set itself head and shoulders above the rest, allowing it to stand out even in the competitive industry of commercial research and product development.A consumer surveys indicate that 70% of users noted a decrease in sensitivity after two weeks of regular use, and a third of these respondents reported a total lack of symptoms in the same time frame.

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BioMin is also exemplary when it comes to reducing sensitivity during teeth whitening procedures. Many patients find whitening uncomfortable due to this, which can prevent them from completing the full treatment, and so BioMin can help them reduce this discomfort in order to let the procedure carry on. In this way, it has been able to communicate the use of BioMin to the wider dental professional market, finding it is largely very receptive to the benefits it brings to patients; this has been indispensable word of mouth promotion for BioMin, as well as lending it significant credibility.

In tandem with this, BioMin benefits from the excellence of its staff. The development of research and the hard work of its marketing team has been critical in ensuring long term success, and it is forever grateful to them, proud of the ability to communicate between departments and work seamlessly that they continuously demonstrate. With the impact of Covid-19 on the dental industry having cancelled millions of appointments nationally, online sales have shot up for BioMin – moving forward, it is prepared for this to continue, and encourages customers to keep an eye on its platforms for future updates. These will include its coming work on the remineralisation of early stage decay, filling materials, sealants, and varnishes, communicating these mainly through online means.

Group Pharmaceuticals brings globally renowned Leading Innovator in Dental Hygiene in India!

ELSENZ with BioMin F

ELSENZ helps in remineralization of the tooth enamel and treats dentinal hypersentivity also helps in prevention of the cavities.

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ELSENZ gives sustained release of fluoride up to 12 hours. Other fluoride toothpaste gets washed away after two to three hours of brushing but ELSENZ is far more effective and does not get washed away up to 12 hours after brushing.

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This journal is distributed worldwide to 260,000 healthcare professionals and healthcare supply companies. It is a tremendous accolade for BioMin Technologies to be recognized as a leading innovator

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“Without Group Pharmaceuticals we would not have such excellent products” said by BioMin Technologies CEO Richard Whatley


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