How to Hire the Best!

Trouble hiring the best dentist?

This article will be useful to those who are dissatisfied with the work of the clinic staff and are constantly faced with

  • Looking at people who have responded to a job, it’s immediately clear that they are not suitable – but there are no others;
  • Having hired someone, you lost time and money.
  • At the interview, the person seems to be good, in the process of work it turns out that they are not at all who they were was posing as;
  • After 2-3 months, you understand that the person hired does not live up to your expectations.

After reading this article till the end, you will understand where you went wrong.

  1. How clinic ‘vacancies’ affects the work of clinic head?

A real life example.

The head doctor of one regional clinic complained, “Our administrators are not at all smart. For example, we ask them to remove the cabinet and prepare the tools for the next appointment after the current one. But no – they interrupt during the treatment and see their convenience so that they finish their work fast. I don’t know what to do with them. Tell me how to train them?”

After the doctor said this, it became clear that they should not be trained, but intact dismissed! These employees were not an asset to the workplace, but a liability!

When a person spoke about his hiring method, my assumption was confirmed. In the job description, he simply and succinctly wrote the following:

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An administrator is required at Clinic.

  • Friendly team
  • Stable salary
  • Phone for an interview

Surprisingly only 3 people responded!

Two of them were hired, since there was no one to choose from.

As a result, these two were rude to the patients, did not comply with the standards, and ignored all guidance from the management.

The fact is, that when you do not try to interest people in your job description and write something for namesake, qualified employees do not see the value in your proposal.

And therefore they do not react to it.

You are called only by those who are no longer taken anywhere. To prevent this from happening, think:

  • What is important to the person whom you want to hire, for example, to the position of a doctor;
  • What motivational factors (except money) do they value;

So that he/she would will see the value in you/ your practice.

In this case, those who are passionate with their work and will able to strengthen your team will respond to it.

2. Rushed the interview lost time and money …

Once I attended an interview, where together with the owner of the clinic, we selected a person for the position of manager.

And then another candidate came.

During the process, she said that for 6 years she led a dental clinic.

What do clinic owners do, when they face a candidate with ‘good work experience’?

Whatever she says, they are already on their side –

Because, she had a work experience of 6 years!

She must have coped with everything, we must take her in.

However, after a series of clarifying questions, it became clear that the past boss was not very demanding on her work. And therefore, she did not learn to consciously influence the amount of money at the clinic cash desk. Do you need a manager who will just meet and greet the supervisory authorities?

Interviewing is a very important element of hiring, which, when conducted correctly, helps to prevent the loss of time and money during the subsequent work of the candidate.

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To summarise….

  • When asking questions to a candidate, demand that a person respond in terms of results, not processes.
  • In this way will you understand what a person actually achieved, and how they showcased their talents.

3. The eternal problem with patients due to lack of position

Any owner of a dental clinic wants a good flow of patients. Without it, you cannot allocate patients to the rest of the doctors, since word of mouth patients only get treated under you.

But to engage in advertising independently, there is no time, the necessary competencies, and yes, frankly speaking – you understand that it’s good to hire a marketer!

But how much budget can you invest on your marketing? How to control it?

There are no answers to these questions, and therefore, you are trying to engage in attracting patients yourself. And you start to do this at the moment when the clinic’s revenue began to decline.

At this moment, of course, you realised you needed a patient engagement program.

This is what happens throughout life: you either set records for revenue, or you don’t know how to pay salaries.

This is because you do not have an individual person who would be responsible for organising a stable flow of patients 8 hours a day and 5 days a week.

To hire an intelligent marketer, you need to understand his functional responsibilities. In other words, you need to know what makes up the result which you need.

Until you have this in your head, each new employee in this position will promise, and you believe ….

Believe, but do not wait much and fire.

4. You do not know all the duties of an employee, which means they will not do 50%

A real life example

An orthodontist worked in one regional clinic. He was not a star, but he treated well, he did not lose patients.

One day, this specialist approached the owner of the clinic and asked, “Appoint me as the chief doctor! I want it very much…”

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The owner thought for a while, and appointed the doctor as the chief. Well, if he wants to, so be it, the initiative must be encouraged.

Moreover, the clinic increased the cost of materials every month, the clinic needed new specialists and patients were sometimes lost in the treatment process. Someone must resolve these issues without distracting the owner from his affairs.

Several months passed. The doctor appointed by the chief physician continued to receive patients only with the “chief physician” name badge. The clinic still needed new doctors, bills for supplies increased exponentially and current patients could easily get lost in the treatment process and no one remembered them.

No one was engaged in the solution of these problems.

Why did it happen that a person whose direct functional duties is the solution of the above problems, does other things in general?

Why the position and the functions that an employee performs are actually different?

And again, all this happens due to the fact that the owner of the clinic does not understand the set of functional responsibilities of this employee.

And when it is not clear what to demand, an employee does what is easiest for him. So in the example above, a person simply continued to receive patients only with the “head doctor” badge.


Before hiring or appointing a person to this or that position – specifically describe what you expect at the exit from his work.

Otherwise, the result will not please you.


These were some mistakes that few of my known dentists had made in the process of expanding the clinic and hiring new staff.

For complete hiring processes, job proposals and digital clinic audit you can contact me by clicking the green button on the left.

Hope it was helpful!

Good luck.

Bonus: Top 10 tips for hiring the right employee – Everytime!

  1. Define the job before hiring an employee
  2. Plan your employee recruiting strategy
  3. Use a checklist for hiring an employee
  4. Recruit the right candidates when hiring an employee
  5. Review credentials and applications carefully
  6. Prescreen your candidates
  7. Ask the right job interview questions
  8. Check backgrounds and references when hiring an employee
  9. Hire someone whose talents will add value to your clinic and not with your same expertise
  10. Use effective employment letters when hiring an employee


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