Every year since May 15, 2017 is declared as World Orthodontic Health Day, and the WFO created a special logo and posters that established the brand identity of this annual celebration. The logo, available in a variety of formats, is available for download (see below). WFO members should use this logo in all promotional materials for this celebration going forward. Read more.


Malocclusion which means teeth which are out of their normal positions in both upper and lowers jaws of an individual.  Malocclusion is associated with adverse Psychological & social effects including the longevity of the dentition & oral health overall & therefore adversely affecting the quality of life.

Malocclusion can manifest in a wide range & variations of malpositioning of teeth in the dental arch like – spacing/crowding/protrusion/retrusion /rotation and so forth.

Adverse consequences of Malocclusion

A person’s malocclusion can have a direct effect on his/her dental & facial aesthetics leading to poor social image & psychological disturbances. A person’s quality of life can be affected due to compromised functions of the oral cavity: chewing, breathing & speech.

Consequences of Malocclusion:

  1. Poor facial aesthetics

Negative body image

Psychological disturbances

  1. Compromised function of the oral cavity

Poor masticatory performance

Difficulty in articulation & lack of clarity of certain words

  1. Loss of tooth substance & attrition

Hypersensitivity of teeth

  1. Increased susceptibility to trauma
  2. More prone to dental diseases
  3. Obstructive sleep apnea

Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment:

  1. Improved smile/facial aesthetics
  2. Improved oral functions
  3. Positive psychological outlook
  4. Improved body image
  5. Reduction of Obstructive sleep apnea

The WFO Executive Committee chose May 15 for World Orthodontic Health Day as it marks the signing of the WFO’s charter in 1995 during the 4th International Orthodontic Congress in San Francisco. The main aim of celebrating this day – May 15th every year as the “World Orthodontist Day” is to promote the awareness of ill effects of malocclusion and promoting the science of Orthodontics to solve this problem.

  • The various treatment options available to the patients are:
  • Removable corrective appliances/plates
  • Preventive removable trainers
  • Functional jaw orthopaedic appliances
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Fixed braces

Usually fixed orthodontic treatment commences at the age of 12-13yrs , i.e when all the permanent teeth have emerged in the mouth. But there are instances when the preliminary treatment has commenced as early as 8-9yrs due to the severity of the problem like severely displaced upper anterior teeth or any other jaw deformity or even a thumb sucking habit.

Habits such as thumb sucking have to be curtailed as early as possible. It is considered normal if a child sucks his/her thumb until the age of 4 yrs. But thereafter it poses a threat of deforming the dental arches by flaring up the upper front teeth and pushing back the lower front teeth.

To control this habit a Tongue crib is advised which has to be worn by the child for at least 6-8months depending on the severity of the problem.

Fixed braces treatment can commence after the full set of permanent teeth have emerged into the mouth.

The types of fixed braces are

  • Metal braces
  • Ceramic braces– Usually for adults who are more conscious about their appearance.
  • Lingual braces– which are invisible as they are placed on the inner aspect of the teeth
  • Invisalign/ Aligners – which involves a series of removable soft trays which the patient has to wear sequentially.

Usual duration of fixed braces lasts around one & half yr to two years depending upon the severity of the condition.




What are the first three most important patient factors for the
successful outcome of Orthodontic Result ?

Humans are complex and multiple patient, doctor, and appliance factors
are in play to give the resultant smile.

Three important patient factors which are mandatory to give best results

1. Maintenance of good oral hygiene.

2. Observing the appointment schedule.

3. Following dietary instructions to reduce appliance breakages.







Braces . . . a road map for a healthy lifestyle !

“What’s dental braces got to do with health ?!”

A lot ! Trust you are aware that your mouth is the gateway to your health. i.e. Whatever you put in your mouth has a big role to play in your overall health. Things put in the mouth, unless liquid, cannot be gulped down. It needs to be broken down in small pieces, so that the juices in the stomach may easily digest it. That job is delegated to your teeth, jaws and the muscles around your mouth.

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“What difference does it make, if teeth are not ‘straight’ ?!”

If the teeth are not in the correct place, you think breaking down of food will happen evenly. In an attempt to break it down evenly, individual teeth undergo more than necessary strain. In the long run, teeth end up wobbly. One dial, of the many in a watch, if out of place, the time is never set right. Same with the teeth set.


If the upper and lower teeth are not in the correct place, the muscles around the mouth and jaws may shift the lower jaw such that it gets the teeth, as nearly in the correct place, as possible, to break down the food evenly. This shift can cause uneven wear of one or many teeth. It may weaken the teeth, cause pain in the gums around the teeth, pain in the jaw, pain in the jaw joint, pain in the head and neck, or, a combination of these.

“It’s alright doc. I brush my teeth twice a day. I wont have any such issues!”

If the teeth are not in the correct place, it becomes difficult to clean the teeth and gums thoroughly. Teeth and gums, dirty in some nook and corner of the mouth, not only gives a bad smell to those around you, but you end up having cavities on your teeth and gum infection around it. In the long run, you may end up losing few, or, many of your teeth.

“What, doc !! I have crooked teeth, but I have nothing, what you mentioned!”

If you don’t, thank your genes, and/or, your body’s capacity to deal with the situation. However, be aware, things will surface, given time. Meanwhile, in your best interests, do let a qualified orthodontist examine your pearly whites.

Orthodontic associations around the world, celebrate May 15, as WORLD ORTHODONTIC HEALTH DAY, to create awareness about the various possibilities with orthodontic treatment.

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BDS,MScD (Phil.), MDS



As braces is not just for good looks

Let us raise awareness on this World orthodontist Day about the
increasing importance of teeth that are in line and bite properly.

Studies suggest. A single teeth that is not in its correct position can
cause interference in biting which can lead to temporomandibular joint
disorders and frequent headaches. Such cases are most commonly left
undiagnosed leading to patients taking painkillers for prolonged
periods.  These pain can be similar to migraines. Severe patients with
Migraine should go for a dental evaluation by an Orthodontist!!!

Maybe it was never a Migraine!!


An Orthodontist’s Message for World Orthodontic Day- 15th May 2019

 A confident smile can work wonders; it can inspire, motivate, exude charm and even give comfort and assurance.  It has the power of a thousand unspoken words. Such an uninhibited and radiant smile generally stems from good oral health.  Healthy teeth are often referred to as our “32 pearls” because of the immense esthetic value they add to the face when they are well aligned, correctly positioned in the jaws and disease free. The importance of celebrating 15th May as the “World Orthodontic Day” is aimed at creating awareness that orthodontic checkups beginning as early as 7 years of age can help create healthy, beautiful smiles with improved self esteem enhancing the psychosocial component of an improved quality of life.

6. Dr. Shallu Maggo, BDS, MDS Conservative dentistry and Endodontics

Discover Your Priceless Smile!

Orthodontic treatment aligns teeth and boost an individual’s self-confidence. Orthodontists’ efforts transform people from shy to confident ones; raises self-esteem. Individuals struggle with dental caries, gum disease, bone destruction, chewing difficulties, speech impairments, tooth loss and other dental injuries due to misaligned teeth.
Benefits of orthodontic treatment 
There are multiple benefits of perfectly aligned teeth and proper jaw alignments apart from beautiful looks. Crooked and crowded teeth are always a hassle to clean and care for, which is a gateway to multiple problems including dental caries, gum diseases and tooth loss. Misaligned teeth lead to abnormal tooth wearing, chewing impairment, misaligned jaws, unnecessary stress on your gums and bones supporting your teeth. Above problems may also lead to health issues like headaches and facial/neck pain if misaligned teeth are left untreated. 
Advanced options are also available like invisible braces, preventing a person from embarrassment of metallic wires to overcome physical appearance.
‘Brighter smiles make brighter futures.’

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DISCLAIMER : “Views expressed above are the author’s own.”


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