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Compassion of the White Coat

The word is simple but the experience is difficult to understand. Wearing a white coat is privilege for medical professionals. It is a provision of keeping surroundings safe and secure. The White Coat is an award for itself; it beholds the nature of work. When wearing The White Coat, the experience is beyond one’s imagination. The White Coat provides a designation to perform for the wellness of people; also becomes hard to ignore when living every moment in The White Coat.

The White Coat represents a great amount of knowledge, status and sense of comfort for medical practitioners. There are multiple reasons to wear the coat with pride. Doctors wearing the white coat may be of senior consultants, surgeons, physicists and pathologists; they preserve the same culture of treating ill or infirm patients.

The White Coat augments the pride in the profession by representing simplicity of the world and helping people in need. Patients rely more on doctors to wear the white coat, and it means a lot for them. Though, the quality of experience has come after several years of mutilating self into various forms of knowledge and practice.

Every doctor plays an important role in a patient’s life, irrespective of their cultural and economic backgrounds.

Why patients prefer The White Coat?

According to studies, the attire of doctors influences patients to confidently open up with their problems.

It is difficult to wear the coat all around the day, and juggling between the ramifications of caring, treating life with only a single intention and purpose. Wearing the same outfit in a practice zone full of infections is dangerous to patients and to self. For these reasons, some of the doctors prefer not to wear the coat; or wear it only during the first half of the day.

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Why is The White Coat so meaningful? Because you have worked hard for your credentials; you have earned the right to wear The White Coat proudly. With a distinguished name on a broach on the first pocket, a doctor will certainly be more dignified. These little differences in The White Coat create a big significance in the minds of the patients and well-wishers. Any patient would wait to address the doctor with genuine respect to communicate their queries.

Confidence and Proficiency

The lab coat not only puts together the medical profession but also provides confidence. Patients value the opinion of a doctor rather than a random person. It also projects professionalism and aptitude, all while giving you an easy outfit choice every morning. Though there is a different form of lab coats, mainly suited to the new nature of attire.

The view of patients of doctors is beyond imagination. Every patient feels differently with doctors depending on their gender, male and female lab coats are designed to provide a sense of professionalism fitting the structure of one’s body though both provide the same responsibility and nature of work.

In the same way, patients interact differently with doctors with dark hair or grey hair. Wearing a White Coat changes the perspective of the patients seeking the notice and support of a doctor. In case of an emergency, every doctor prefers the same form of treatment irrespective of the gender or age.

For the record, a doctor working an average of 59.6 hours/week, can no longer differentiate with wearing a coat but gives satisfaction of attaining stability on the practice by the age of 30. The doctor-patient relationship built by the form of a doctor’s attire with The White Coat forms a major connection with healthcare and the practice of medicine. Therefore, the relationship can form on one of the foundations of the contemporary roles of a doctor; to help, support, protect and treat ones with ailments.

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A doctor’s point of view

Medical practices handle a lot of sensitive patient information every day. The patient also trusts the practice of a doctor with their lives. This plays the hard role to keep The White Coat by saving lives by any means possible. With the Hippocratic Oath to The White Coat, a doctor is responsible to help any type of patient, irrespective of their nature of work, or a law-breaker, offender or felon of any kind. Similarly, that person will also respect The White Coat on the doctor and open up to medicines; a doctor uses for the treatments. For a respectful job, a respectful uniform is necessary.

In many cases, patient’s preferences are primarily shaped by cultural norms. The culture of medicine has been the same for many years; these little events make it very powerful and hard to break like the code of wearing The White Coat.

The White Coat is remarkably great in the eyes of many; but in the coming years, the pattern of practice will change. Along with it the form and attires will also no longer be relatable to only saving someone from danger. Wearing The White Coat is the closest thing to wear the certificate of the hardship of becoming a doctor. With a lack of management, time and safety, the feelings become more logical. The White Coat comes with a load of responsibility.


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Dr Rajashree studied in dental school, Ghaziabad, along with a certification course of Implants from Bioner, Spain.

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