DRDDS Season 2 : Success Story

-Dr Ashwini Pujari

'Celebrate what you've accomplished, but raise the bar a little higher each time you succeed.'

After the stupendous success of DentalReach Dental Divas Summit Season 1 in 2020, it was time for a new season. Something new, something bold, something beautiful. Like celebrating dentistry in style, with Season 2 of DentalReach Dental Divas Summit.

This is my heartfelt gratitude message to my beloved team; Dental Divas, Dental Reach and to all dignitaries and participants of DRDDS season 2!

Here is the Success story of Dental Reach Dental Divas Summit Season 2

I am so proud to say that this is only the summit in dental field to be organised, hosted and lectured by only women dentists in dental fraternity. Fifty-eight (58) Dental Divas were a part of it. All were renowned women dentists in dental fraternity across the nation. It was a successful summit with 10 days of scientific mela and trade show, had 857 registrations from all around globe, where we had delegates from 16 countries and 171+ cities

DRDDS SEASON 2 was My Dream with My Dream Team, Dental Divas and Dental Reach!

Dental Divas is a bouquet of gifted female dentists providing holistic approach toward dentistry through learning, sharing and celebrating womanhood. We are an intimate group of women dentists, where we gather to network and share resources – inspiring each other to revive old goals, make new ones and move towards them.

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We at Dental Divas and DentalReach planned a series of clinically oriented short and focused webinars, in the form of a virtual conference, so that general dental practitioners and dental students can gain knowledge about dentistry through well-known speakers from our Dental Divas group. The plan got executed well with great support from DentalReach team.

Besides education & marketing services, DentalReach is a professional site and forum for dentists for technical support and guidance for organising an online conference, since they have already conducted 100+ webinars related to dentistry. The DentalReach platform helped us with-

  • Strategy (advice, research, planning)
  • Design (UX design, visual design, concept)
  • Technology (development, infrastructure, data) and
  • Advertising (promotion, PR, marketing services)

Last year in DRDDS 1, we had 10days of webinars with 10 renowned dental diva speakers of dental fraternity and it was exceptionally successful. In 2021, we planned for one more summit with all due suggestions and feedback from great dignitaries and participants, with best dental topics which were not covered in season 1, like

with multiple lectures.

This season had had 31 speakers to cover 10 best dental themes for 10 days of summit starting from 04th-13th June 2021. Once dates and topics were confirmed, speakers were finalised and thus started our journey!

Two months of preparation was done prior to the live conference, thanks to Dr Rockson Samuel, the team manager. A special thanks to Dr Nupur Shrirao, the scientific head of DentalReach who assembled all the speakers’ bio, webinar topics and abstracts to make a customised website. Beautiful promo videos and posters kick started the summit. We had multiple training sessions and trials prior to live series of digital summit to familiarise the platform to speakers and host.

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We had 31 esteemed Divas as Mentors

A mentor is someone who offers advice and counsel, and who lends you his or her resources to help you advance in your professional or personal life. Without a second thought, mentors all agreed to share their knowledge through this summit through lectures. I am so grateful and thankful to all of them to being part of this summit.

We had 10 lovely Divas as Hosts

The host lets us seamlessly connect participants with speakers for a better, more engaging summit experience. This season, we had 10 different hosts for 10 sessions and all were extremely qualified in the respected subjects to host the session gracefully. I hereby thank all our beautiful hosts of DRDDS season 2.

We had 14 guest Speakers

These guest speakers shared their best clinical tip videos for the summit. Sharing knowledge occurs when people are genuinely interested in helping one another develop new capacities for action; it is about creating learning processes.

So, we whole-heartedly thank all the speakers, guest speakers and hosts of Dental Reach Dental Divas Summit season 2 for sharing their knowledge with us and guiding us. Love you all…keep inspiring!

We had 4 core committee members

Mainly we had 4 core committee members; Scientific head, Media & PR head, Trade head and myself. Love and thanks to my partners in crime, my best friends

  • Dr Nupur Shrirao, Scientific committee head DRDDS season 2 and Editor of DentalReach,
  • Dr Sonal Yerpude, Trade head of DRDDS Season 2 and Committee member of Dental Divas,
  • Dr Zainab Media and PR Head, DRDDS Season 2 and Journalist at DentalReach.

The team was helmed by Dr Rockson, Conference & Creative Head and project manager, DentalReach.

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Scientific Head Dr Nupur Shrirao did great work for managing scientific co-ordination and flow.

Encouraging the team, giving proper guidance, looking into small details of summit and social media promotion was handled beautifully by our beloved Dr Sonal Yerpude, Trade head and committee member of Dental Divas.

Media and PR head Dr Zainab Kasid’s dedication towards her work with PR and promotional work for sponsors was tremendous.

We had 7 Sponsors

Without sponsors, any event would not be viable! A big thank you to all our sponsors from the entire team of DRDDS-2.

We thank our

  • Event Sponsor: Group pharmaceuticals
  • Gold sponsors: Orikam HealthCare, M&M dental and Ifix implants
  • Silver sponsors: M dental and
  • Voucher sponsors: Bombay dental, M&M dental, 3Dent DDS lab

for their valuable support in making this event a great success!

DRDDS main motto is team work makes the dream work. I take this opportunity to appreciate our one-man army behind screen and managing head DRDDS DR Rockson Samuel. Thank you for being the backbone behind this summit. DentalReach is changing the world of global dentistry by their technology and creativity. Thanks to DentalReach!

Congratulations to each member of the DRDDS season 2 team for their excellent contributions and performance. The amount of effort that the team put into the summit to complete it was tremendous. The energy levels and the sincerity which was displayed were exemplary. This has set up higher standards in dentistry.

A team’s success mainly depends on the perseverance of each member. Dental Divas and Dental Reach made a good team. When the team works, the dream works!

We are really happy with the fantastic results! The summit turned out to be an enormous success because of you all!

Thank you once again, TEAM????

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  • Dr Ashwini Pujari is a General Dentist. Passionate Dental Practitioner in Endodontics. She is an Active member of Social organization INNER WHEEL, Computer savvy, Enterprener and Writer.

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