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DentalReach Dental Divas Summit (DRDDS) Season 2 was the 2nd annual digital dental conference of two organisations, DentalReach and Dental Divas. With 857 registrations from 16 countries and 171+ cities, I can safely say the conference was an exceptional success this year! Here’s a detailed conference report 

  • – Dr Nupur Shrirao, Scientific Head & Dr Rockson Samuel, Conference & Creative Head, DRDDS 2

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DR Esthetic Showcase Challenge

DR Crossword Puzzle

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DR Contest

DentalReach — the magazine with the highest readership worldwide — is now coming up with a unique -DR Showcase Aesthetic Challenge!
The speaker for our first challenge will be Dr. Nikhil Bahuguna who will be discussing ‘Pronto- A Revolutionary Restorative Material’ and its uses in Class V cavities!
Stay tuned for more details????
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Dr Mohini Daultani            13

Dr Sanah Sayad                  16

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About Us

DentalReach is a professional site and forum for dentists.

DentalReach is one of the fastest growing online communities for dentists, where you can talk dentistry. It’s a place to be visible as a dental practitioner and get liked and lauded by fellow professionals.


While the rest of the world can openly share their stories, experiences, and challenges, ethics restrain dentists to converse in an open-to-all world. DentalReach is a gated community of dentists where you can converse freely. It gives you a great opportunity to connect with peers in your locality, region, country, and specialty base. It’s a place where you can voice your opinion as a dental professional, within your circle of specialty and outside.


It’s a podium for visibility and networking as a dental professional. Happy connecting!


  • Dr Rockson Samuel

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Best Ever!

Awesome information portal for dentists. The website has something for all specialists in multiple forms like articles, podcasts, videos. Good one ????

Number #1

Everything in one place. Yes, Dental Reach is a platform where everything, regarding the knowledge on dentistry can be easily gained.

Podium for Dentists.

The best dental magazine for dentist. Their webinar system and the whole content management system is so cool.