Dr. Rathi39s Protocol of Micro Implant Placement.

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A combination of self-tapping and self-drilling mechanisms to achieve perfect placement with a low failure rate.

Microimplant also known as mini-implant, skeletal anchorage or TAD (Temporary Anchorage Device) represents a paradigm shift in orthodontics wherein anchorage is not derived from the dentition but from the bone structure. This serves two important functions:

1.It can increase anchorage in a conventional orthodontic case.
2.It can provide anchorage when there are dentitional challenges like mutilated dentition or partial buccal edentulism.

A small screw of bio-compatible titanium is inserted into the inter radicular or suitable bony site and used to apply forces to correct the malocclusion. Support is purely of mechanical nature as no osseointegration is desired or achieved.

Besides being smaller than a dental implant, the mini implant is also not surface treated. A physiodispenser is not required.

Incorporate mini implants into your clinical practice to also provide for several pre-prosthetics and interdisciplinary cases so as to improve the form and increase the longevity of the restoration.



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Dr Akshay Rathi, Master of Dental Surgery, Orthodontist, consultant in Juhu, Mumbai & Nizma (Oman) and mentor : Orthotrain

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