1. All Indian dental practitioners are eligible to take part in the contest. A minimum of 2 years of clinical experience will be required for participation and clinicians using clear aligners in their practice will be preferred ( Doctors not using aligners can also apply)
2. Participant registration form must be submitted no later than 15th of April 2022.
3. All applicants need to read the rules and criteria. Their application will be termed as their approval to the rules.
4. Selected challengers will receive the dental materials which are to be used and showcased. M&M Reserves the right to final selection of challengers.
5. DentalReach and M&M Dental receives the copyright of the case, as soon as the case is sent in. It can be promoted nationally and internationally with due mention of the Dentist while respecting the patient’s identity.
6. Due to data protection reasons the participant is obliged to obtain the “Patient Consent Form”. This form is not to be submitted but should be maintained by the dentist.
7. Presentation language should be English.
8. All cases must feature the material provided.
9. Use of digital image editing software to change the content is not allowed.


1. Patients approaching the end of their clear aligner treatment and are ready to enhance their enamel.
2. Non-Aligner patients who wants a complete smile make-over.

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1. You will have to select three of your cases which are in the stage of completion where the patients will be expected to wear clear retainers.
2. These cases will have to be showcased on a closed FB group after which Nitewhite syringes (Bleach) will have to be dispensed to these patients. A total of 9 applications will be delivered in 3 dual barrel syringes.
3. The results after bleaching are to be showcased on FB group.
4. Smile corrections are than to be planned and executed by using mineral enriched Activa Pronto to have a complete case of smile make-over.
5. Final results and before and after case photos are to be showcased on the Fb group for final judgments.
NOTE : All dentists will be given 3 months to complete 1 to 2 cases and present the same.


• 1 Box of 3 mini-kits ( 9 syringes ) of Nitehwite 22% .
• 1 Syringe A2 of Activa Pronto ( 2G ) and 1 Syringe of A1 ( 1 G ) and 10 tips .
• 3 Embrace Varnish

NOTE: These materials are worth INR 8740/-

CHALLENGE FEES: The participants will have to pay INR 5500/- if registered till 31st March 2022 after which they will have to pay INR 6500/-




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