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It is the first month of 2022, the new year! Honestly for most of us, 2021 has zoomed by with such a lightening speed, that it feels like last year was 2020! But facts are facts and it is a new year. ‘New’ – if you scout a dictionary for this word, it gives us two meanings.


  1. Not existing before; made/introduced/discovered recently for the first time.
  2. Already existing but seen/experienced/acquired recently for the first time.

This means that living in a dynamic scientific society, you will always stumble upon things that didn’t exist before, or those that did exist but you experienced or learnt about just now.

We dentists are part time explorers – but the question is- is there anything new left to explore in dentistry?
The answer is Yes- very much so! And here are 6 unexplored things!

– Dr Nupur Shrirao

Pronto esthetic challenge – 3

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Cleaning your “plastic beauty” : Patient checklist for cleaning dental prosthesis

The oral cavity is a party house of microbes! Around 700+ species of microbes including chromogenic, aerobic/anaerobic bacteria’s, viruses and opportunistic fungi thrive in synchrony with all hard and soft dental and paradental structures.

Together they are known to cause a vicious cycle of disorders, which not only cause destruction of dental and paradental structures (gums and periodontium) but also cause systemic diseases with severe effects on all the visceral organs including heart, brain, digestive system and can cause cancer!!!!

If this is the case with natural oral structures, one can imagine the effect of these “local inhabitants” on some “foreign prosthesis”!!!

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Why to add clear braces in your practice?

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Forensic Odontology: A Brief Overview

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New Year, New You!

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Here’s wishing you, your family and your work team a very happy 2022 from the entire DR team! Hope we grow together this year!

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