DR and ClinaNG Press Release

DentalReach joins hands with ClinaNG to launch a new simplified tele-dentistry platform, to help dentists ensure patient care during the current worldwide pandemic.

Our unique technology allows dental professionals to connect with their patients remotely even when patients cannot reach them due to the restrictions.

ClinaNG is one of the best online clinic platforms for healthcare professionals to offer 24/7 video consultation to the patients in need, from anywhere in India.

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During this unprecedented situation, DentalReach is striving to help all dental professionals across India to continue the care of their patients, along with ensuring the continuity of their practice. This complete telehealth platform will be FREE till 31st December 2020 to all the dental professionals for a safe consultation environment.

Using this platform will allow dentists to:

  • Schedule appointments
  • Video consultation with patients
  • Access patient medical records
  • Issue ePrescriptions

This is a complete all-in-one telemedicine portal for doctors as well as patients providing two-way communication to ensure adequate care is provided.

As long as the patient owns a smartphone, tablet or computer, they can be monitored by a dentist from across the country. This will remove one of the greatest barriers to entry for patients amid this pandemic.

Furthermore, it has been shown that teledentistry reduces the overall cost of care and increases efficiency through reduced travel times, shared professional staffing and fewer in-person appointments. It is the future of medical consultations.

The truth is, tele-dentistry has more potential than many have realised and appreciated. It is the most viable way to cater for most dental patients.

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Tele dentistry helps dentists stay in touch with their clients and at the same time continue their practice and provide for their family with mitigated risk.

For practices that are yet to integrate teledentistry, now is a great opportunity to do so. Many people, fearful of getting infected with COVID-19 are reluctant to seek dental care in the midst of the pandemic.

However, from what we know, the popularity of virtual dental care will continue to grow. Even when the pandemic recedes, teledentistry will remain the most viable approach to dental care due to the many benefits it offers dentists and their patients. Are you considering integrating teledentistry into your practice?

The Future of Teledentistry

A virtual platform that allows dentists to provide dental care to patients comes with an endless list of benefits that will last much longer than the impact of COVID-19 on the dental community. As such, teledentistry has the potential to completely revolutionise the field of dentistry in the near future.

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