Distance Diploma in Sports Dentistry by ISST and DentalReach

The Diploma in Sports Dentistry is offered by ISST and DentalReach for dental professionals who are passionate about sports and want to specialize in athlete oral health.

The program offers a comprehensive curriculum covering theory and practical knowledge, including all the latest guidelines for course curriculum.

Course Highlights

  • Co-certified by ISST and DentalReach, ensuring quality education and recognition in the field.
  • Online material and videos available through an online portal.
  • 1-day online workshop and 1-day offline hands-on workshop for practical learning.
  • Clinical-oriented topics such as oral health and sports nutrition covered in the curriculum.

Course Structure

  • Prevalence of sports-related dento-facial injuries and their impact.
  • Introduction to sports dentistry.
  • Sports physiology and sports medicine.
  • Sports nutrition and basic sports first aid.
  • General health, oral health, and care of the athlete.
  • Sports nutrition assessment and dental care of athletes.
  • Substance abuse, tobacco abuse, and dental treatment of athletes.
  • Dental treatment of various types of athletes.
  • Doping and drug prescription in sports dentistry.
  • Prevention of sports-related dento-facial injuries.
  • Protective equipment for prevention of craniofacial and intraoral injuries.
  • Information about mouthguards.
  • Mouthguard fabrication and technology, clinical steps, and patient care.
  • Types of dental and facial injuries.
  • Emergency and long-term management of dental injuries.
  • Procedures for dental injury management.
  • Emergency management and treatment for oro-facial and head injuries.
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Assessment and Certification

  • Online exam and assignment submission required for successful completion.
  • Graduates receive a diploma in sports dentistry.
  • Equipped with knowledge and skills to provide specialized dental care to athletes.


  • Course faculty includes experienced professionals in the field of sports scienceDr. Sneha Divekar, Sports Dentist
    • BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) from Maharashtra University of Health Science
    • ‘International Certification in Aesthetic Dentistry and Oral Rehabilitation’ under New York University, College of Dentistry, USA
    • Fellowship in Aesthetic Dentistry, Germany
    • Master’s Program in Sports & Exercise Nutrition, ISPA, USA
    • Fellow in Psychology Counselling, NHCA, Singapore
    • Diploma in Sports Science at ISST, with Thesis Submission on ‘Importance of Mouthguards in Various Sports’.
    • Diploma in Clinical Diet at IICTN
    • Certificate in Substance Abuse & Counselling
    • Certificate in  Herbs & Supplements
    • Certificate in Youth, Women Fitness & Senior Fitness
    • Experience of giving lectures on Sports dentistry guidance to various sports clubs, schools and colleges
    • Life Member of Indian Dental Association
    • Life Member of Indian Association of Sports Medicine
    • Life Member of Association of Sports, Nutrition and Fitness Science
    • Life Member of Indian Academy of Aesthetic & Cosmetic Dentistry
    • Life Member of Indian Society of Dental Traumatology
    • Life Member of Federation of Special Care Dentistry
  • Faculty members are experts in their respective subjects, providing students with the latest knowledge and skills.

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Program Methodology

  • Students can register online for the course by providing personal, academic, and payment details on the Register/Login page.
  • Once registered, students can create their student account and access it by providing the provided Username and Password.
  • Study material for each course is prepared by experienced faculty members and will be sent via courier/post to the student’s registered address after the course fees are received by ISST.
  • The period of six months from enrollment will be given to the student for self-study of the material provided.
  • The exam pattern consists of a theory exam and practical exam, which includes submission of a project report, attendance of an online workshop by ISST faculty, and a hands-on workshop.
  • Upon completion, graduates receive a diploma in sports science, recognized in the industry and eligible for future education opportunities.
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The Diploma in Sports Dentistry is an excellent opportunity for dental professionals to specialize in a unique field that combines sports medicine and dentistry.

Graduates will gain a complete understanding of athlete oral health, right from prevention to emergency management and treatment for oro-facial and head injuries.


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