Dentist develops an air purification equipment that can purify the air by 99.995%

The Vancouver dentist, whose office was closed due to the pandemic, worked with engineers to develop an air filtration system that can protect patients from COVID-19 and help defeat their fear of infection.

When the pandemic broke out, Dr. Wilson Kwong had to close his office. But with staff and patients staying at home and the COVID-19 threat still looming over the world, Kwong began to wonder how he could get back to work.

“I have searched the planet for technologies that will allow me to continue working in the future,” he says. "Since I couldn't find anything, I decided to do it myself."

Kwong has teamed up with engineers and air purification specialists to develop a system that he hopes will allow him to operate without any of the risks associated with the coronavirus.

“With the equipment to keep my staff and my patients safe, we could get back to work,” he says. "We were able to create a device that sucks in air, purifies it, and returns it to the office completely clean and harmless."

The Pura Air system created by him and his team are now fully functional in his practice. When patients are in the dentist's chair, a transparent plastic dome is dropped over their face, which sucks in aerosols generated by the patient's instruments, speech, or breathing.

Faisal Nasser – President and CEO of Pura Air, the company that worked with Kwong to create the system, explained how the system works:

“We extract the polluted air, pass it through HEPA filters, a coal dust chamber, a steam chamber, and a UV extinguishing chamber. All this allows us to purify the air by 99.995%, after which we return it back to the environment, ”he says.

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Kwong said the PuraAir system has been approved by the Canadian Standards Association and is also in the process of being approved by Health Canada.

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