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A case report is a detailed report of the symptoms, signs, diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up of an individual patient. Writing a case report represents your first effort at getting articles published in scientific journals and magazines. It is an easy and quick way to learn how to write ‘scientifically’ – and since it is easy and quick to read as well, it means your article will be read by a lot more dentists than research or review articles. Here I will be discussing how to write a good case report – I hope you try to write one as soon as you finish reading this!

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Cleaning your “plastic beauty” : Patient checklist for cleaning dental prosthesis

The oral cavity is a party house of microbes! Around 700+ species of microbes including chromogenic, aerobic/anaerobic bacteria’s, viruses and opportunistic fungi thrive in synchrony with all hard and soft dental and paradental structures.

Together they are known to cause a vicious cycle of disorders, which not only cause destruction of dental and paradental structures (gums and periodontium) but also cause systemic diseases with severe effects on all the visceral organs including heart, brain, digestive system and can cause cancer!!!!

If this is the case with natural oral structures, one can imagine the effect of these “local inhabitants” on some “foreign prosthesis”!!!

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