Dental Marketing and At Home Dental Services: Statement of Ethics

How legal is cold targeting vulnerable groups of patients through false advertising promises?!

The global position on the issue of Ethics of Advertisement by Dental/Medical professionals has drastically changed over the last few decades.Dental Surgeons are expected to exhibit integrity, honesty, fidelity and selfless service. Monetary commitments can only be secondary to the welfare of his patients. Neither is it allowed to provide at home dental services without a proper clinical set-up.

In this regard, the Dental Council Of India has recently issued a notice defining strict guidelines for all companies involved in aggressive dental marketing and doorstep dental services which is as follows:

1. The dental treatment shall be given to the patient by the registered dentists in his / her clinic / hospital.

2. The scanning of teeth of patients shall be performed by registered dentists only. Scanning of teeth performed by any non-dentist will be a gross violation of Dentists Act, 1948.

3. Registration of dentist must be mentioned / displayed or provided at all Web Portals of the company / clinic.

4. Dentists should provide highest quality of treatment for better outcome, providing/endorsing treatment with proper examination, tests, thorough diagnosis and treatment planning, with proper follow up for patient care.

5. Biomedical standard waste management / sterilization protocol shall be followed by all dentists.

6. Companies shall not project their aggressive advertisement campaigns, to lure common man for getting dental treatment.

After this notice issued by the major national body, any dentist coming across such unethical practices can directly complain to their State Dental council.

Talking all about what is unethical in dental advertising, what is the ethical limit of marketing services for a registered dental practitioner in India?! Coming up with the article soon.

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