Dental Crossword Puzzle December 2023

Dental corssword puzzle

Attention, dental enthusiasts! Prepare to explore the fascinating realm of dentistry through DentalReach’s gripping monthly crossword puzzles. Sharpen your dental knowledge, solve these brain-teasers, and stand a chance to shine in our next issue by being among the first five to email correct answers.

What’s in store:

  • Each month, delve into puzzles spanning all academic years in dentistry—1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th.
  • In the following issue, we’ll reveal the answers and provide explanations, making learning an adventure.

Pro tips for success:

  1. Crack the Down Clues first—they’re your puzzle foundation.
  2. Identify common dental terms to create entry points for trickier clues.
  3. Use elimination to narrow down options.
  4. Watch out for prefixes and suffixes—they’re keys to adjacent clues.
  5. Consult a dental glossary for unfamiliar terms to conquer the crossword.

Ready to dive in? Visit Dental Crossword to tackle this month’s puzzles!

Submission Instructions:

Crack the code and share your solutions to get featured! Email your Name, Institute/Dental Clinic, Address, and Mobile Number to rockson@dentalreach.co.

Today’s Puzzle Preview:

1st Year: Unraveling Respiratory Fundamentals Embark on a journey through the foundational aspects of the respiratory system in today’s crossword. Explore the intricacies of lung anatomy, identifying lobes and crucial structures within each lung. From gas exchange sites to the inner layers enveloping the lungs, this puzzle offers a glimpse into the essential elements that underpin respiratory function. 

2nd Year: Decoding Lung Carcinoma & Classification Today’s crossword delves into the realm of lung carcinoma and its classifications. Uncover the varied types of carcinoma, understand syndromes linked to lung cancer, and navigate through staging systems like TNM. Explore the nuances of lung cancer subtypes, etiological factors, and diagnostic classifications in this puzzle. 

3rd Year: Unveiling Respiratory Disorders & Symptoms Explore a spectrum of respiratory disorders and symptoms in today’s puzzle. From terminology surrounding breathing difficulties to sounds indicating lung conditions, this crossword presents clues about symptoms, hyperinflation, fluid transudation, and other phenomena related to respiratory health. 

4th Year: Insights into Oral Cancer & Precursors Today’s puzzle ventures into the domain of oral cancer and its precursors. Decode clues related to metastasis routes, skin lesions, and oral abnormalities, unraveling details about common sites of metastasis and precancerous conditions within the oral cavity.

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