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A one-of-a-kind magazine means unique advertising opportunities are now available to you — both in the publication and on this newly launched website. In 2017, DenalReach reached more than 1 million dentists. This number continues to grow due to various media partnerships.
More than ever, dentists need reliable, evidence-based information to provide the multidisciplinary care necessary to meet the demands of today’s patients. Challenged by a new dental landscape, successful offices are embracing multidisciplinary care. This means the information needs of today’s dentists are broader than ever — and this creates demand for unbiased clinical information that’s easy to apply in practice.

DentalReach is a professional site and forum for dentists.
DentalReach is one of the fastest growing online community for dentists where you can talk dentistry.
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Collaboration is vital to the health and success of any business today. As neighbours and friends, it’s our natural inclination to look out for each other, and the world of business can be no different. There are many ways in which small-business owners can join forces and learn from each other, exchange ideas, increase purchasing power and grow revenues.

Why collaborate with DR?

  1. Inspires you
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What do we do?

  1. The Fastest growing monthly digital dental magazine with evidence based articles written by our team, presented in a reader friendly format. is a free for all magazine.
  2. We conduct/organise webinars
  3. We conduct/organise digital conferences
  4. We create and promote podcasts and educational videos
  5. Social media marketing
  6. Content creation/marketing services
  7. Clinic, event, course, workshop, job listings.


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We publish regular peer-reviewed supplementary issues to the main volume. Content will be in line with journal scope and may include: Original Articles, Reviews, Proceedings, Meeting Abstracts and Practice Guidelines. Although editorially independent, presentation and delivery can be tailored to company-specific needs and there are opportunities for bulk sponsor’s copies for further distribution. Supplements provide a unique chance to reach potential customers in a way that will show that your organization has an interest in progressing research in the field.

Supplement sponsorship offers your organization the opportunity to be associated with high-quality, product-related research. Submit a proposal or e-mail for more information.

General Requirements

  1. All advertisements submitted for display and or classified listing in any DENTALREACH publication or website are subject to review by the editor, staff and its advisors. Advertisers must submit ads by ad materials deadlines in order for materials to be reviewed by DENTALREACH. Every effort will be made to review artwork in a timely manner.
  2. Advertisements must not be deceptive or misleading. Advertisements must clearly identify the advertiser and the product or service being advertised. All claims of fact must be fully supported and meaningful in terms of performance or any other benefit. DENTALREACH may require a sample or copy of any advertised product or a full description of any advertised service, and proof of the efficacy or reliability of any products
  3. Products and services must be germane to, effective and useful in the practice of dentistry, or of interest to dentists and their families in the sole judgment of the DENTALREACH. Products and services and their indicated uses must conform to principles of acceptable dental practice and of dental ethics. Alcoholic beverages, tobacco and medicinal marijuana products are not eligible for advertising.
  4. Advertisers must comply with all laws and regulations applicable to the manufacture, distribution, and sale of a product or service. If it is DENTALREACH’s belief that an advertiser has not complied then it shall be sufficient grounds for rejection of an advertisement.
  5. Advertisements will not be accepted if they conflict with or appear to violate DENTALREACH policy, the DENTALREACH/ Code of Ethics or its Bylaws, or if the advertisements are deemed offensive or contain attacks of a personal, racial, or religious nature.
  6. Advertising for dental education courses designed to directly enhance the knowledge, skill or competence of the dentist will be eligible for publication only if the course sponsor has received “registered provider” status from the Dentist Act.
  7. DENTALREACH reserves the right to decline advertising for any educational course that involves the teaching or use of a product or technique that conflicts with DENTALREACH policy, or is the subject of an unfavorable or cautionary report by a recognized dental agency. Acceptance of advertisements for courses and education materials offered by commercial ventures and directed to the income of a dentist or to the commercial aspects of a dental practice will be reviewed for attractiveness, accuracy and dignity to determine eligibility.
  8. DENTALREACH will not accept advertising for seminars, consultants or other educational programs that suggest, imply, promise or guarantee increased revenue (in dollar amounts) or specific numbers of new patients to a dental practice, that will occur as a result of attending the advertised program or seminar.  DENTALREACH will not accept advertising that, in general, implies that the volume of a practice, either in   income or in numbers of patients, may be increased at the expense of proper patient care. DENTALREACH will also not accept advertising that seeks information for, or in any way pertains to, class-action lawsuits.
  9. Comparative advertising of dental products and dental services is not allowed.
  10. No advertisement may contain a fee or a discount amount for professional dental services.
  11. No advertisement may contain a fee or reward for referring patients.
  12. Placement of advertising with respect to employment, purchase or sale of a practice, or the like will be at the discretion of DENTALREACH and, if the editors so choose, may be limited to the classified section of the publication without any illustrations or graphics.  Advertisements for employment must conform to all applicable federal and state laws and regulations, and may not discriminate against any persons based on race, sex, age, national origin, religion, handicap, or country of dental education. In addition, DENTALREACH prohibits discrimination in advertisements on account of lawful political affiliation, marital status, handicap, sexual orientation, and country of training.
  13. DENTALREACH maintains a clear separation between news/editorial matter and advertising. Accordingly, DENTALREACH reserves the right to decline advertisements that simulate news/editorial copy or, if accepted for publication at DENTALREACH’s sole discretion, to require the word “advertisement” placed prominently in all such advertorials/advertisements.
  14. Advertisements must not quote the names, statements or writings of any individual, public official, government agency, testing group or other organization without their consent. Such written consent shall be submitted at the time advertising materials are submitted for publication.
  15. Advertising placements will not influence editorial copy. Editors have the final approval over all content in DENTALREACH publications or websites.
  16. Advertisements for DENTALREACH endorsed programs must also follow separate guidelines and review processes.
  17. Advertisers agree to and are bound by conditions on DENTALREACH mediakit and DENTALREACH insertion orders.