Issue 1: Advanced Orthodontics Fixed Functional Appliances

Unlock the latest innovations in orthodontics with “Issue 1” of our journal, focusing on Advanced Orthodontics Fixed Functional Appliances. Dive into groundbreaking research and techniques that redefine orthodontic practices.

Article Highlights:

  1. Alternative Technique for Optimizing Direct Bonding of Orthodontic Brackets to Temporary Crowns

Explore a novel approach to enhancing the direct bonding of orthodontic brackets to temporary crowns. Authored by Francilena Maria Campos Santos Dias, Célia Regina Maio Pinzan-Vercelino, Bramante Rudys Rodolfo de Jesus Tavares, Júlio de Araújo Gurgel, Fausto Silva, and Melissa Nogueira Proença Fialho.

  1. Comparative Study of Torque Expression Among Active and Passive Self-Ligating and Conventional Brackets

Delve into a comprehensive study comparing torque expression among different bracket types. Authored by Erika Fernandes Franco Mendonça, Fabrício Pinelli Valarelli, João Batista Fernandes, Rodrigo Hermont Cançado, and Karina Maria Salvatore de Freitas.

  1. Finite Element Study on Modification of Bracket Base and Its Effects on Bond Strength

Gain insights into the finite element study exploring bracket base modification and its impact on bond strength. Authored by Urs and Tarulatha R. Shyagali, Deepak P. Bhayya, and Chandralekha B. Shashikala Subramaniam.

Stay Ahead in Orthodontic Excellence:

This issue is a treasure trove of knowledge for orthodontic professionals seeking advanced techniques and evidence-based practices. Elevate your orthodontic journey by staying informed with Issue 1.

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