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DentalReach | Vision:

“DentalReach connects dentists to dentistry to raise oral health consciousness.

Dental Reach will do it by helping, educating and inspiring them”

Our Mission:

“To promote oral health, fostered through a comprehensive online public initiative and to become hotspot for dentist”.

What is DentalReach?

DentalReach is a professional site and forum for dentists.

Dental Reach is one of the fastest growing online community for dentists where you can talk dentistry. It’s a place to be visible as a dental practitioner and get liked and lauded by fellow professionals.

While the rest of the world can share their stories, experiences, and challenges, ethics restrains dentists to converse in an open-to-all world. DentalReach is a gated community of dentists where you can converse freely. It gives you a great opportunity to connect with peers in your locality, region, country, and specialty base. It’s a place where you can have your own share of voice as a dental professional, within your circle of specialty and outside. It’s a podium for visibility as a dental professional. Happy connecting!

Ask & Answer with DentalReach

DentalReach allows you to ask your queries as budding dentists and answer them as experts. You can stay in your circle of specialty and ask and get answers from experts. You can also widen the sphere of your knowledge areas by asking and answering outside your circle. Use collective thinking and judgments to tackle clinical challenges.

What’s special about DentalReach as compared to other online community sites

DentalReach allows you to discuss within a gated community. It’s strictly for dental professionals. You can discuss at ease. It can be fun! Here your posts are liked and lauded by professionals like you. Peer review means a lot if you are a dentist. Your queries are answered by professionals who have been there and done that. Dental Reach allows you to stay connected with your class, specialty and geographies professionally and share your achievements, awards and professional milestones.

DentalReach makes you visible

Dental Reach allows you to be awarded as a dental professional by dental professionals. Earn your stars. Be active. Be seen. Go for it!

Leverage your authorship to the next level as our website is indexed in Google search engine.

DentalReach Editors

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Community Leader
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Dr. Nupur Shrirao
Chief Editor
MDS Prosthodontics
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Media & PR
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