A Song To Brush Their Teeth! AIIMS App For Children Has It All

All India Institute of Medical Science( AIIMS ) launched a bilingual app that has features such as a musical 2-minute brushing timer, brushing demonstration videos, preventive dental care tips, oral care tips for pregnancies, and FAQs.

The initiative of the Department of Pediatric and Preventive Dentistry named “Healthy Smile” app, it is aimed mainly at developing good oral health practices in children from an early age.

As per the statement from AIIMS authorities, dental caries was found to be prevalent in the pediatric population in the country to the extent of 40-50 percent. Keeping these statistics in mind, the Department of Pediatric and Preventive Dentistry at AIIMS developed this app using an intermural research grant.

“Poor brushing habits, faulty dietary habits and lack of knowledge about timely professional care worsen the situation from mild to severe one. The development of a dental health education app for children can prove to be extremely beneficial in inculcating good oral hygiene habits right from early childhood and can reduce the burden of dental diseases in the later years,” they have stated.

Prof Randeep Guleria, director, AIIMS, New Delhi launched this mobile app.

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Top Features:

• Two-minute Brushing timer
• Child friendly colorful panel
• Motivational videos
• How to keep the mouth hygiene of a toddler
• Preventive dental care tips
• Brushing reminders
• Appointment reminders
• FAQ’s
• Oral care during pregnancy

The overall aim of this app is to give an easily available tool to parents to guide children for brushing for adequate time and some tips for maintaining good oral health.

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Download via Android playstore: Click here


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