Successful business owners are confident and also competent in their respective field. They are extremely focused and desire to know what exactly needs to be done and finally, they get results. The most important resources in the business mainly dwell with the human resources and focus towards the task of managing staff and hiring quality professionals required to fulfil the particular need.

Small business owners – Staff management is a big challenge

Many owners don’t demonstrate the sustaining capacity and also high level of self-assurance. In a small business, it is acute particularly in the situation where headed by professionals, who lack a business background like the dental service provider. They always have a challenge of training, hiring, maintaining and retaining top well professional personnel, mainly who are well versed in attracting patients.The management is always propelled primarily by the better plan, then followed by organising it with good staffs control. In certain cases, the owner feels to give up because of difficulty facing in running the business. So, it is always better to seek advice from top-down management skills in order to keep the operations run smoothly, employees delivering good service, and aim for clients satisfaction.

Tips to overcome staff management challenge

  1. Always identify and address situations through personal testing to enable hiring good staff with competent associate and well-skilled manager.
  2. It is best to understand what really motivates employees and good to formulate a goal-oriented based programme, exerting a little pressure on the staff in order to reach set goals and also gain control of the practice management.
  3. It is good to establish an effective reward system by inculcating and implementing a monthly production goal for the practice.practice. An overall effort is to make the staff become enthusiastic in order to deliver a good work, to reach the goal and thrive to achieve the monthly bonuses.

Employ fit to skill employees

It is always easy to appreciate staff members who are cooperative and properly perform their duties. They are considered as valuable assets since they competently get their job done for the growth and success of a practice. By contrast, an inefficient team member is a path for the manifesto of a disastrous practice in dentistry and also it requires a great deal in convincing to get the dental head to realise it. The aspects of challenges are out of 6 to 8 employees there are at least one or two poor performing employees. However without deflating the morale of an employee, a shortcoming can be addressed? The first step is to learn the art of differentiating among the different types of personnel. So, that it helps to ensure the team member who is well placed are committed to rendering their service by being the best performer.

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Employees aspect of willingness

Be aware of an employee who just nods their head and says that they have understood when they really don’t. The reason may be such as that they may not have good basic skill set, unable to grasp and understand technical terms, processes or maybe not getting clarity of your expectations. In order to avoid confusion, it is better to address questions asked by them and encouraged by patiently addressing them is immensely benefits for the growth.

Negative attitude

These type of staff where the same mistakes are done without putting any effort to improve, make excuses due to under performance and also individuals perform by their habits that are not really fair for to the practice. Some manager may accept this as a challenge and even take responsibilities to transform such employer to become more capable workers.

Unmotivated employee

When the boss is around and near team member attend to the responsibilities given them, otherwise they just engage in dwelling in personal matters and it seems to the boss that they are draining company resources and also letting the entire team down, being inattentive to such behaviours will contribute to overall burn out. However, just because they are involving in work hours by sending a text message does not mean that he or she is unmotivated. There are better ways to overcome this challenge:

  • Hire employees with a positive outlook who are willing, eager to render service and improve their skills.
  • Make sure employees receive the training and also take time to undergo coaching in areas the need improvement.
  • Create time to know about which aspect employees need the most help; provide ongoing guidance to refine employee leadership skills and foster their productivity by boosting their morale.
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Focus on understanding what motivates to team members:

In order to perform their responsibility and to find out what motivates team members, is the next step in effective staff management. The value of unrealised talent in the practice unless every person is fully motivated and engaged. Money is a powerful incentive, which is important to recognise by determining what really motivates employees and to engage workers for the job because it holds a large pie in the journey of daily life.

  • Primary motivation as money: Employees putting themselves and their personal needs are primarily motivated by money, they are usually clock watchers. They don’t really care about the practice and they also have a tendency to extend breaks since they can get away with it. It is better to ask during an interview process that how would they handle specific interaction of being patient-centred, make a note whether they inquired specifically about pay, remuneration, benefits and other financial aspects. Overall it is better to distinguish between someone who is striving for a top-level performance as deserved bonus as opposed to someone who is mainly motivated by money.
  • Personal gain and conviction: The purpose of the practice is not just about meeting the needs but also must provide a service to patients. Patients really need to obtain satisfaction and comfort from doing business with your office and staff must also experience satisfaction from the service provided. As per the team member, mainly who are looking for an individual gain in the form of company bonus or perks are actually poorly motivated. The effort is to reach the goal effectively so that in all the ways both outside and within for better results. Team members in the company who are motivated by personal conviction enjoy what they do and are to fun to work with, even the company also runs smoothly. They also have the capability for tackling, collaborating with colleagues and helping patients by taking responsibilities. Their individual intentions are genuine and apparent.
  • Staff Duty: Staff who are willing to strive to keep the practice and motivated by duty against all obstacles are loyal and trustworthy. They don’t hesitate to answer phone calls, clean up the office, help patients through tasks not mentioned in the job description. A business owner is very fortunate to have such an employee who is motivated by duty rather than just personal conviction. Valuable people can be found if the manager takes time to implement careful screening during the interview process.
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An often ignored aspect in handling staff is in terms of pay and other compensation. Employees must be paid well, and based on their experience pay must be hiked in the form of individual bonus system and also team bonus system. The productivity of the company is based on the employee’s performance, so better to meet their expectations for elevation in the company’s growth.

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DISCLAIMER : “Views expressed above are the author’s own.”


Dr Iman Hanif is a dental surgeon/ author and business strategist, practicing in Bangalore since 10 years.

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